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June, 2016

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Discover the joy of celebrating your union at sea

We all know that the key for a perfect wedding is flawless planning and professional preparation of the whole event. Once the decision is made to tie the knot, the first question that normally crosses a couple’s mind is, where? If you really just don’t want to choose the usual venue for your wedding and […]

Pama Village

DEX and The Making of PAMA Shopping Village

The ability to cater to a person’s every need, and its vast parking space has made PAMA a quick favourite amongst Maltese customers. The PAMA Shopping Village provides a new and unique shopping experience in Malta, offering a blend of different, distinguished shopping attraction amongst the Maltese within one location. The number of brands moving […]

Colours of Malta - 4 Steps - Restaurant Terrace

My perfect itinerary for a short visit to Malta

I have a true passion for this island I call home. Malta has been dubbed a jewel in the Mediterranean, and to me that jewel is a diamond: Multi-faceted, precious, resilient and beyond beautiful. One of the things that gives me the most pleasure is introducing newcomers to Malta; to its heritage, architectural wealth, rural […]


Building your own little paradise with Ideacasa

Whether you are a busy stay-at-home parent, a high-flying executive attached to a desk and in and out of meetings all day, or perhaps a doctor or lawyer who spends the day listening and talking to the queues of people who file in an out of your office, the carousel never stops turning. In this […]

Magic 56367

Take proper care of your body: Take your sitting seriously

You might want to stand up for this.  Around 150000 years ago, sitting was the last thing on our mind. We have moved away from hunting, chasing prey, and running from predators to a more sophisticated, but sedentary lifestyle. Now, these activities are only viewed on the telly while we sit in our lounge. I […]


5 Steps to building your outdoor Sanctuary

In a world where people are moving into ever smaller spaces, often clustered up within apartments, our appreciation for space has increased. The emergence of open-plan design and living has motivated many to open their interior spaces and connect them with outdoor areas. Indeed, decks, porches, and patios have become our new, other – and […]

Corinthia-featured image

Five of the Most Impressive Royal Palaces in London

The reigning monarchy is a symbol of British pride and their homes are some of the grandest in the United Kingdom. London is home to a number of world-famous palaces, many of which still function as official royal residences. And while the photogenic exteriors are impressive, getting a glimpse inside isn’t as hard as you […]

Technogym - OMNIA

Technogym OMNIA awarded for its unique and innovative design

The 24th edition of the prize ‘Compasso d’Oro’ was won by Technogym thanks to its avant-garde design.During the last 3 years of the prestigious competition,  organized by Industrial Design Association, only 13 awards were granted by the international jury, to products with the most innovative design. In June the 237 products ever awarded in the […]

Azure ultra - scuba-diver-1049945__180

Diving the Maltese Islands in Style

The Maltese Islands are a cornucopia of natural harbours, bays, sheltered creeks, cliffs, reefs and wrecks. Malta is a dream destination for scuba diving and underwater photography with some of the clearest and bluest waters in the world. Here marine life exists in a healthy ecosystem and creates a colourful backdrop to the seabed and […]

Elektra - Vantage Home Automation


Vantage Home Automation systems should and will make your life easier. With virtually unlimited options, the only challenge is deciding where to start and where to finish! It allows you to have total control of the automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances, Blinds, security systems, audio and so much more, all at the […]

FORM - Bedding woman-506120_640

Experience the comfort of bedding made to suit your sleep style

For FORM, your sleep comfort is a real passion and they have solutions for all your sleep dilemmas. discover what they have in store to create your optimum sleeping conditions. The Bedding collection from Form keeps growing and now includes two new mattresses.  Moonlight is a hybrid mattress with a generous latex comfort layer overlying […]

Nick's - New BMWs

Take the hassle out of the equation: Major benefits of being driven around Malta

Whether you are a business traveller on a brief visit to Malta, or an entrepreneur working locally with a busy schedule of meetings, a tight timetable always demands that you allocate the necessary time required to get from one place to another, with as much ease as possible. The realities of the Maltese roads mean […]

Dhalia - Green home-1353389_640


Becoming more energy efficient isn’t just for people who want to save the environment. It is also a great way to keep your household budget in check. When you cut back on how much energy you use, you are able to cover both benefits with one action. There are many steps you can take to […]


A festival of light, colour and sound in one of Germany’s most picturesque cities – Cologne

We are no strangers to the occasional fireworks display in Malta, especially during the months of June, July and August. So we know how to appreciate a true spectacle when it comes to pyrotechnic theatre. One of these amazing spectacles is the Kölner Lichter, or Cologne Lights Festival. A celebration of colour, light and music, […]

Demajo - DSC_0177

What is the best tooth whitening option for you?

A very popular topic spoken about very openly in social circles, tooth whitening is delivered in different formats and at different prices. There are three main types of tooth whitening. THE HOME KIT This method involves taking impressions of your teeth and producing thin plastic trays to fit onto them. These trays fit your upper […]

Corinthia - Corinthia Dubai

Corinthia Hotels announces new luxury hotel in Dubai

Corinthia Hotels has signed agreements with UAE-based Meydan Group to provide technical services and manage a luxury beachfront resort under construction in Dubai.   The luxury hotel and residences is the latest in a series of mega developments being undertaken by Meydan Group, which include large scale mixed-use urban and leisure developments across various prime […]

Illuminati logo - Xara Palace

Discover Illuminati wines during an exclusive event at de Mondion

The tradition of Illuminati Wines has been going for over one hundred and twenty years. Innovation and research together with the essential elements of traditional production, have created a genuine  wine, reflecting the territory where it is produced. The de Mondion Restaurant is collaborating with Illuminati wines to offer a delightful menu on Friday 24th June […]

Hera - Boats side by side

Take to the high seas for some effective TEAM BUILDING

Teambuilding develops a team’s efficiency and effectiveness in achieving a common goal. This can be done through improving the interaction and understanding of team roles. It also allows teams to address any conflict, encourages creativity and improves decision making skills. Teambuilding also allows employers to asses to the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees. But […]

Corinthia - Events-in-Budapest_Vajdahunyad-Castle-Summer-Music-Festival-4_credit-Vajdahunyad-Castle-Summer-Music-Festival-1200x760

Back to Budapest for a full summer programme

I know we introduced you to Budapest in the Spring earlier this year.  However, we simply could not pass up sharing with you how this vibrant city stays alive throughout the entire summer season. Summer is a particularly beautiful time of year in Budapest. The castles glisten in the sunlight, the Danube is filled with […]

Josies bathroom - Featured image


When it comes to finding the right tile, there is a wide range of options in terms of color and style. Creating a modern, sleek design is easy with the right choice for your vision. The smooth shine, varied patterns, and amazing color shades allow you to create a truly cutting-edge look in any room […]

WDM -Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni & Dr. Francesco Maffia of WDM International with Isabel Tapp, CEO of AllDetails Middle East

WDM International and AllDetails Middle East present Citizenship & Residence Programmes to High-Net-Worth Individuals in the GCC

Isabel Tapp, founder of & owner of award-winning Dubai based PR agency AllDetails Middle East, recently joined forces with Maltese firm WDM International to host an event in Dubai, promoting the Malta Citizenship by Investment – Individual Investor Programme (IIP) to high-net-worth individuals in the GCC region. The event was held at the Capital […]


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