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July, 2016

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Corinthia palace-2

Why choose the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa ?

Young couples on their honeymoon, families with children, relaxation chasers … everyone has their own reasons to select the hotel best suited to their needs and desires for a successful holiday. It is important to know about the various services and facilities to make an informed decision for your next holiday or short break. Here […]


5 Facts you didn’t know about Fort St. Elmo

The star shaped fort at the edge of Valletta was built by the Knights of St. John as an extension to the watch tower built by the Aragonese in 1488. The Fort was instrumental in the Great Siege of 1565 which saw the knights and the people of Malta defend the island from invasion by […]

Gnejna Bay

Catch a glimpse of what makes a Maltese summer so special

It is precisely for the Maltese lifestyle that I moved back to the island some years ago.  In summer, life is so varied and active that I am drawn in every time. I used to profess not to be a lover of the summer: Soaring temperatures and humidity were never my best friends. However, this […]


Creating a children’s bedroom: who calls the shots?

A child is the most cherished person in a family home. S0 why not treat them to a bedroom that’s designed with the same care and attention given to the interior design of the rest of the house. In fact, designing a child’s bedroom can open up a completely fresh and exciting world of design options! […]


What do you need to know when choosing Kitchen Lighting?

The way we Light our Home environment, and specifically the kitchen, affects the functionality of the space and how we feel when we’re spending time there. Despite this, the lighting itself is often overlooked in a kitchen remodelling project. Oftentimes Lighting is the last detail after the cabinets, the appliances, the tiles, the granite counter […]


Eight tips to choosing the perfect coffee table

A coffee table is an essential piece of accent furniture in any entertaining space, but it is often over-looked as the last detail, since the sofa and wall system tend to take priority. But there’s more to the design of a coffee table, and considering it with the rest of the furniture plan goes a […]


A combination of design, style, and comfort to better your health with ergonomic chairs

We spend more than 9 hours sitting per day, more than the time spent sleeping (around 8). Although it may be comfortable, sitting is not a natural position our body is built for, and this ultimately damages our body and puts our health at risk. To prevent many diseases such as chronic back pain, it […]


The Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP)

The first thing for you to know is the 9 Cardinal points for qualification. Detailed Procedure 1. The pertinent documentation pack compiled by WDM Lex Advisory as accredited person, is received by Identity Malta and Checked for completeness. 2. If and when complete, a client reference number is allocated (to be used in all future […]


Dacoby Chauffer Service: A Reliable and Outstanding Service

The most important thing you want to have when making use of a chauffeur service is your mind at rest. Dacoby Chauffeur service’s professional image reflects just that; reliability and commitment to you and your business. A family-run business launched by Darren Zarb in 2007, they lead the way in luxurious private transport services in […]


People and activities that enchanted at the Sliema Arts Festival

Although we arrived slightly later than planned – make that an hour (or two), the Tower road in Sliema was teeming with both tourists and locals walking along the promenade, pausing to look at artists drawing on canvas, or to listen at other painters explaining their finished works. The festival, which ran on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of July, had […]



When putting your house on the market, it is crucial to make sure it is sold at the highest value possible. While upgrading may seem illogical or, at the very least, bothersome, this makes sure your home does not lag in the market and it is always very rewarding. Maximising your time and effort is […]

corpo travel

Why a corporate travel consultant is a must for any business traveller

As the world becomes more connected through technology, doing business across borders is more commonplace than ever before. This means that business travel has also increased substantially. Sales meetings, product demonstrations, training courses, regional group meetings and familiarisation trips are just a handful of the reasons that keep executives on the move. I was an […]

elektra integrated solution

Integrated Solutions by Elektra

Elektra is a Leader within the Lighting and Electrical industry in Malta, owing its success to its ambitious aims to satisfy the customer’s wellbeing through stylish and idealised lighting solutions while keeping in mind energy saving technologies. With 39 years of experience, the dedicated and continuous development of the organisation ensures professionalism and awareness on […]

Brands Ints- Outdoor project

Sleek sophistication through quality materials

As summer is now in full swing, a lot of us seek to enjoy the outdoors a little more.  Most of the home entertaining happens outdoors at this time of year, whether in a garden, by a pool, on a spacious rooftop or a balcony. These are also places where one enjoys a quiet moment, […]

Colours of Malta - 4 Steps - Restaurant Terrace

Colours of Malta: The Art of Tailoring Extraordinary Travel Experiences in Malta

Colours of Malta is complementing its conference and incentives business with the introduction of a new concierge service, offering a handpicked selection of Malta’s finest and most exclusive accommodations and travel experiences. The Colours of Malta team provides, selects, and tailors a range of exclusive excursions, events, and activities to make a family vacation or […]

Malta jazz festival

The Malta Jazz Festival hitting Valletta soon

Last preparations are underway for the Malta Jazz Festival, which will be running from 21 till 23 July and will feature some of the top-notch world artists such as Snarky Puppy, Omer Vital and Marcus Roberts. The Thursday concerts happening at City Gate Entrance and opposite the Courts in Valletta are free of charge and will […]


5 Painters to look out for in the Maltese Art Scene

It is through the appreciation, enjoyment, and dedication to innovation, luxury, and culture that one gets to truly enjoy the finer things of life. Annual festivals celebrating the arts such as the Sliema Arts Festival and Earth Garden; The renovation of Valletta as the European Capital of Culture 2018; and flourishing art centres such as […]


Waving the flag for Maltese wine!

Occupying a prominent spot on our tables, wine often accompanies us on special occasions. But do you know that this 8000-year-old drink is directly linked to the history of Malta? I will take you on its journey and introduce you to Maltese wine through the country’s history and character.   Maltese wine throughout the ages […]

MIAF - Closing 2016

Innovative and traditional: The two facets closing off the Malta International Arts Festival

17th & 18th July see the end of this year’s edition of the Malta International Arts Festival with two exciting and distinctly varied performances. Please, Continue (Hamlet) In this unique theatre experience, members of the audience will participate directly in the performance, blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality. Please, Continue (Hamlet) is structured like […]


What is the secret to a good night’s sleep?

I’ve caught sight of a few posts on my social media timelines lately with the headline “Why women need more sleep than men”. While I don’t dispute that claim, I think one thing is even more true and that is that we all generally need more sleep than I believe the majority of us get. […]


Celebrate your last night of freedom in style

Hen and stag parties are a great experience, marking the end of one’s single life, but even more importantly, it is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your friends after months of planning. For some people, it is a necessary ceremony fundamental for a successful wedding. Anyone can organize a hen or stag night […]


Is this the perfect time to get your hands on innovative Danish design?

Has your furniture seen better days or are you just tired of looking at the same old same old?  It’s time to update your home interior and right now you save up to 40% on modern Danish design. Explore amazing offers on comfy sofas and armchairs, stylish coffee tables, gorgeous accessories, lush rugs and cool […]

Demajo - apple-15687_640


The replacement of missing teeth may be executed differently. These mainly differ in two ways; a removable prosthesis or a fixed one. A removable prosthesis comes in the form of a denture whilst a fixed prosthesis is either a bridge or an implant. A removable denture utilizes a framework, which engages in between the missing […]


How to spend your time in St Julian’s

With waterfront restaurants, modern nightlife and glistening blue bays, St Julian’s is one of Malta’s most popular coastal districts in Malta. With so much going on, it’s easy to while away a summer’s day in this lively neighbourhood. From dining at The Villa Restaurant and partying at BarCelona Lounge to sunbathing on the beach, relaxing […]


What do you need to pack for a weekend away on the boat?

Preparing your luggage to go out to sea is always a bit of a chore. Most women start the process some time ahead, armed with a packing list and smart space-saving techniques. Men tend to be slightly less preoccupied, and by this I mean they just throw a bunch of clothes into a carry-on at […]


My picks of women’s fashion trends for summer 2016

I love the summer. The blue sky, holidays, fresh juices, roses on the terrace under the shade of the trees: And of course, the fashion trends. This season, the 2016 fashion trends already look perfect. There are a few items that have transited over from last year. There are also some classics like the white dress […]

setting up MIAF

Malta International Arts Festival Kicks off 8th July 2016 with…..

The preparations are well underway fro the Malta International Arts Festival that kicks off on 8th July. Two of the first performances or installations taking place are highlighted below and in my opinion are really worth a visit. The Malta International Arts Festival always has something for lovers of all forms of the arts. Vertical […]

theordore alexandre

Bringing original, modern and classical design into our homes

Although the advent of grey, monochrome schemes and modern furnishings have proliferated in both esteem and popularity, the lure of the traditional remains just as evident. The two distinguished styles have been on opposite ends for decades, but designers have moved away from the one-or-the-other approach, and are taking Aristotle’s lessons on the golden mean […]

Madliena Lodge Terrace Entrance

Stress-free summer nights at Madliena Lodge

I had heard some great reviews about the newly refurbished Madliena Lodge from friends but I have to admit, I still had ideas of a venue stuck in the 80s. So I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was when I drove into the graveled car park and first caught site of the crisp white […]

Executive Aviation - Andrea Trapani

Reaching for the skies, with two feet firmly on the ground

This week I caught up with Andrea Trapani, Founder and owner of Executive Aviation Malta. I had met Andrea on a few occasions before but never experienced such a candid insight into what makes this young entrepreneur tick. Andrea put his passion for the aviation industry into action 6 years ago when he started his […]

erzhan chamber music

The Polish International Festival that all Aficionados of Classic Music must attend

The international music festival ‘Chopin and his Europe’ has been organised every August since 2005 in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. The festival has become one of the most important cultural events in Europe, celebrating the musical artistry of the European Romantic era within the context of its links with the life and work of one of […]


More than a simple professional meeting, The Salon du luxe is a true experience

10 countries, 30 speakers, 15 conferences, 1200 attendees, two days and one closing night. The Salon du luxe Paris will take place in Maison de la Chimie, in Paris, on July 6th & 7th. Between tradition and modernity, the salon du luxe upsets codes of French luxury to promote the knowledge and creativity in the […]

Malta sailing experience Allegra 5

Meet the local couple passionate about sailing the Maltese waters

Summer has well and truly arrived!  Driving around Malta today, from meeting to meeting, stuck in traffic jams and with the air conditioning struggling to keep the air at an acceptable temperature, I was dreaming of being on the water, as surely this is the only place to be during the hot Maltese summer. Located […]


Designing a Luxury Kitchen with Lasting Power

When it comes to remodelling your kitchen, or any room for that matter, following trends can be a risky investment, but it doesn’t have to be: A good look at the trends and design options that continue to garner the esteem of designers allows you to filter out fleeting inclinations for the options and styles […]


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