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August, 2016

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Meeting room

Places where you might not expect to find a sofa

Opting for the right seating is not as easy a decision as one may think. There are so many things to bear in mind: Aesthetics, comfort, the space, colour scheme, budget, etc. When considering sofas and armchairs, this decision becomes all the more complex as they are purchases that are not easily replaced every year […]

Dacoby - Vehicle Interior with driver

3 ways a chauffeur service can help you in today’s corporate world

Are you a managing partner within a high profile company or the CEO of a steadily growing (or established) firm? Perhaps you often find yourself rushing from one meeting or conference to another, or stepping off the plane, struggling to find the bearings of a new city – hoping you will get to enjoy some […]

Azure Ultra - Bride on board

Sea Malta from a Different Perspective

Hot on the heels of its successful 2016 charter season launch, Azure Ultra hosted an exclusive event on Thursday evening on board its luxury Sunseeker yachts introducing its tailor-made charter experiences. As Malta’s premier luxury yacht charter provider, Azure Ultra is acclaimed for its signature high-end service, which elevates it well above the local charter […]

Maltese cuisine food

Beyond bread and pastizzi: 4 Maltese traditional dishes you need to try

One of the things that makes Malta so unique is its cuisine.  Most newcomers to Malta only ever hear about how great the bread is, how calorific the pastizzi are and how they should try the local rabbit at least once. However, Maltese cuisine is actually so varied and creative. There are some dishes that […]

Photo credit - John Camilleri

7 Places you must visit in Japan

Many describe Japan as the window into the future, achieving a coveted, unique balance between technology and nature. The skyscrapers, bright neon lights, and advanced lifestyle so keenly associated with cities like Tokyo can be easily juxtaposed with the dream-like beauty of places like Mount Fuji, the idyllic bamboo forest, and the multitude of temples […]


Reward yourself at the Athenaeum Luxury Spa

For many, it is a matter of closing an important business deal, for others, it is about moving on from a challenge they’ve overcome, and for some, it is about taking the proper time to relax and think before making an important decision. It is a hard truth that the more successful we get, and […]

first pic

The top 5 amenities business travellers look for in a Hotel

Anyone familiar with corporate travel will recall a number of nightmarish scenarios that can occur during a business trip. Imagine landing to your destination in the middle of the day and having only a couple of hours to prepare and catch some sleep before your meeting – now, add the inevitable noise created by the […]


What to consider when designing your home office

A metal desk and an extra chair stuffed into a spare corner may suffice if all you want is a nook to pay the bills once a month, but if you need a space to conference with people across the globe, run a business and burn the midnight oil, you need a functional, efficient office […]


Investing in a Kitchen: Functionality, Quality, and Design

Ideacasa’s new vision is built around a brand equity that positions itself as the hassle-free service outlet in home solutions. We strive to give clients an experience that they are proud to share. Today, we would like to tackle an important mistake many buyers tend to make. The kitchen has always been regarded as the […]


Take a seat!

Just like a floor lamp, an armchair can instantly uplift a space. However, it’s also one of those items that can make or break the space around it, linking up design details or sticking out like a sore thumb. Even if the existing furniture and room layout play a big role, the functionality and ergonomics […]

Elektra Kitchen lighting

7 Simple tips to Light up the Mood!

In continuation to our last article, on the process of how to choose your Kitchen Lighting, in this week’s article we will be exploring 7 Lighting Strategies to draw people into the Kitchen. First of all remember to think outside the kitchen! With today’s open plan layouts, it is essential to keep in mind that your […]

Days out

5 Things to do with your children in Malta

Despite its size, Malta is a destination for young and old alike to enjoy. In fact its variety of landscapes and activities makes the island perfect for all groups, from friends and couples to senior citizens and young families. With affordable prices and a feeling of safety, the country is ideal for hanging out with your […]

Boris Arcidiacono - Dressing a bed

How to get the magazine-ready look for your bed

I’ve always loved those stylish Interiors magazines that show immaculate homes. Everything in its place, no clutter, just images exuding style and glamour.  My favourite room to pine over has always been the bedroom. I used to look at the images in awe and wish I could achieve such a polished look in my room. […]

Valletta Republic Street

7 Sites that prove Malta is the Museum Island of the Mediterranean

Malta has an extraordinary ensemble of palaces, forts, and museums sprinkled over the archipelago. Furthermore, with 13 prehistoric temples and caves embedded in its landscape, along with several fortified cities, Malta doubles into an ‘open air’ museum where visitors can take a step back and learn from the past while living in the present. To […]

Carnival - Dancers

The Summer Carnival celebrations

A successful event for the past three years, popular with the Maltese community but especially with tourists who visit the Maltese islands in the summer months, the Summer Carnival is being organised once again from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st August. For the first time in four years, this year’s festivities will include the introduction […]


The Malta Classic announces 2016 dates and new brand identity

What  once started as a dream for a group of passionate local car enthusiasts today has become a story of success, an annual renowned event that is recognised not just locally but also by classic car enthusiasts from abroad. This was the sentiment expressed by  Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Joe Mizzi at a recent […]

Hera - Sunset from Hera

Treat your family with impressive views and a gentle sea breeze

No matter how much we grow up; a singular fact remains unchanged about us: we all wish to make our parents proud of our accomplishments. It is easy to forget about this truth when you become a parent yourself. Whether it is a graduation, a promotion or simply coming of age, any stepping stone towards […]

mezzo upholstered bed Brands

A Bed that Suits You

Because life has become fast and anyone should enjoy the moment of being enveloped in a comfy bed for the night. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to feeling productive, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and full of energy all day long. The right mattress is of course also paramount to waking up refreshed, ready […]


WDM International’s DR. Jonathan De Giovanni wins at the Best Entrepreneur of the Year awards 2016

WDM International’s Legal & International Tax Partner, Dr. Jonathan De Giovanni, won the Award for Excellence at this year’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. The ceremony was hosted by the Malta Business Review at Smart City, Malta, were the nominees and their guests were treated to a gala dinner. The exclusive red carpet event attracted […]

Executive Aviation services-3

From flight to sail, with your mind at ease

In an increasingly globalised world, constant, fast travel has become a key facet of high-end executive positions. Indeed, there are around 6 movements a day of private and executive jets in Malta. If you operate within this fast-paced reality and would like to slow the pace down and make a lasting impression on clients, or […]

Cliff in Concert 2015 - 2 Nick Scicluna (1)

Cliff Zammit Stevens: A true passion for his art

Cliff Zammit Stevens: A name already known to regular tappintomalta readers following Isabel Tapp’s interview with him in September 2015. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Cliff this week during a press conference to announce the dates for his 8th annual solo concert in Malta. I had done some research about Cliff before heading […]

Concours 2015 final

Vintage Cars, a very Maltese passion

The Maltese are very attached to their cars: In fact there are about 595 cars per 1000 inhabitants.  Many Maltese have a particular passion for vintage cars. Collectors, Sunday enthusiasts, original owners … Malta’s garages hide many mechanical treasures. It all began in Gozo Imported from Britain in 1907, the 1904 Siddeley bought by three sisters from Gozo […]

MSA Courses 1

Love the arts? Learn to create and perform yourself – Winter courses from the Malta Society of Arts

The Malta Society of Arts (MSA) recently published its list of winter courses and this is more dynamic than ever, including Saxophone training and Music Improvisation, as well as other highly-anticipated new additions. Other already-popular courses include Human Figure Nude Painting, Cake Decorating and Crib Building, and these are all bound to fill up fast […]


The Three Palaces Festival 2016 Edition

Peter Manning, a leading figure in the classical music world, has been appointed as the new artistic director for the Three Palaces Festival which will be held from the 4th to the 13th November of this year.  Manning, a violinist, concert master and conductor, has toured some of the world’s major concert halls and led […]


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