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January, 2017

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Redefining Luxury for your Bedroom

Four centuries ago, opulent Chateaux and grand, imposing churches were built to express the triumph of nobility and church – the architecture known as Baroque. In the 1860’s, artists rejected traditional forms of painting and explored different disciplines, the style defined as Modernism. Indeed, fashion, design, and all art are reflections in dialogue with the […]

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There’s more to a cave than stone – Dinner and a show at the Jazz Cave

The 40s through 70s boasted a variety of options for what is known as the dinner show. Around 5 decades later, the long-forgotten experience of sophisticated dining in an elegant restaurant while being serenaded by a charming vocalist on the front stage, is being brought back to life. Enter The Jazz Cave; The resulting combination […]

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What is a Superbrand?

Nowadays we talk about company branding, brand loyalty, employer branding, brand differentiation. But what does it all mean. What exactly is a brand? And what makes a brand super? A brand is more than a logo, catchy tagline or set of corporate colours. It is a picture or perceived experience that the company represents, it’s […]



Good taste is something that is usually perceived to be innate, it is the reflection of our personality. It is subjective and is reflected in all areas of our lives. It is linked to good forms of behavior, education, order, moderation and harmony. Previously, and until very recently, good taste in interior decoration was associated […]

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5 things you didn’t know about Mdina Glass

We Maltese always proport to be experts on all our national treasures. Ok maybe expert isn’t the right word. It’s more like know-it-alls. Recognised by all who live in and visit our islands, Mdina Glass is one of those national treasures that we all feel capable to giving the tour guide spiel about. But are […]

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Pros and cons of open plan office

Is an open plan office a good idea?  We often perceive the office to be a place where someone can shut themselves away and concentrate on projects, deadlines and to do lists. And shut themselves away is the operative phrase.  But modern management and working styles are giving way to the use of more open […]

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Cold? Who said it was cold?

Yep, it’s so cold at the moment that you might not be sure  what to wear. But don’t worry! We have the perfect solution to keep you warm when you’re out and about even at these temperature     The Perfect Coat Let’s start with an essential: Fur coats, raincoats or quilted. This year it’s […]

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Connecting Contemporary Music with Video-Art

Modern Music Days’ concert Rhythms of Vision will bring together local and international composers and visual artists in a celebration of today’s interdisciplinary arts scene. On Saturday 11 February, some of Malta’s top composers and visual artists will be joining forces with renowned international counterparts for Rhythms of Vision, a concert of 20th century and […]


4 of the best airport lounges around the world

Long layovers can be a pain for those who travel often. Whether it’s a couple of hours’ transit or a longer one that doesn;t warrant booking into the airport hotel, airport lounges exist to compensate for the stress that comes with air travel. Here are a few of those that promise to make you forget your […]


Rethinking Your Bathroom in 2017

When people think of aesthetic homes, the bathroom tends to be the last place their mind goes to, even though this room is essential to any house. Revamping the restroom to be a statement of your personality should be your starting design project, and following these trends in 2017 is bound to make your task […]

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The true value of an Ergonomic Chair

Every office chair is made up of the same five key components, yet the differences in the way these parts are designed can literally make or break your back. An ergonomic office chair is built with comfort and durability in mind. If you spend a lot of time sitting at work, then you want to […]


5 Unmissable Landmarks in Budapest

In recent years, Budapest has been gaining a lot of attention; Thanks to its rich history and abundance of stunning landmarks, Hungary’s capital is considered by many to be the “Paris of the East”. Whether you’re planning a short getaway to this fascinating spot, or want to stay for longer and soak up the city, […]

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What’s the secret Ideacasa has been keeping?

It is often said that nothing in life is free. But just imagine, walking into a shop and being handed a gift by the sales assistant. And not just a token sample gift, but something beautiful and timeless that you yourself picked up off the shelf. Well I’ll let you into a secret, this place […]


The international flavours of Carnival

The Carnival is a celebration of individuality, creativity, and hedonism. It is a time when we get to shed our persona and take on another, albeit for a brief interlude. Malta and Gozo put on two very different Carnival celebrations, one colourful and one grotesque. But what about the rest of the world?   Carnaval […]

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Why travelling in the right vehicle matters

Our language, disposition, appearance, education and yes, the cars we drive, say something about us – about our identity, who we are, and what we value. Together, they tell a story. It is not the price tag of an item that differentiates us, but their origin – the ideology and belief behind those who made […]

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Valletta 2018 Announces Major Exhibition

Valletta 2018’s largest contemporary art exhibition will be launched at the beginning of the European Capital of Culture year. The exhibition curated by international curator Maren Richter, consisting of an indoor exhibition as well as installations and interventions in public spaces, explores Malta’s relationship with its closest neighbour – the sea. Richter said “I feel […]


5 (simple) ways to Detox

I know, you’ve already heard it all…New Year, New You! But it really doesn’t have to be a drastic overhaul. Here’s how.     Tweak your diet We’re not talking big plans here. No complex schedules. Opt for small changes: Swap your coffee or tea for green tea. Add a glass of water (or three). […]

Resolution 2017

New Year’s Resolutions 2017

I’ve put off making my New Year’s Resolutions till today because I really wanted to have a good think about my priorities for 2017. The two areas I want to focus on most: Take better care of myself and take better care of my home. Take Care of Me There are the obvious ways to […]


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