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Founders of Tappintomalta:

Isabel Tapp and George Turns




Isabel Tapp

“Luxury is not necessarily measured by money but by the experiences” – Isabel Tapp.

With over 30 years’ experience in the luxury end of the hospitality industry in both Europe and the Middle East, Isabel Tapp has certainly created a name for herself in the sales, marketing and PR environment.

Her career in the luxury sector began when she was 17, with her first role at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa.  Fascinated by the attention to detail and the finesse associated with a luxury hotel, she was inspired to pursue a career at the luxury end of the hospitality industry, a career which took her to the UK, Switzerland and Dubai.

Today, Isabel’s Dubai-based company, AllDetails Middle East, which she built from scratch, employs 15 professionals and looks after a portfolio of global brands including HERTZ, Twinings Teas,  Alfa Romeo, Wilderness Safaris, North Island Seychelles, Baros Maldives, Le Gray Beirut and Corinthia Hotels, amongst others.  The company, which is renowned for its expertise, recently won the PR Award for Best Tourism & Hospitality PR Campaign at the Arab Luxury World PR Awards 2014 in Dubai.

While setting up a new home on her native Malta, Isabel found sourcing reliable suppliers and quality products was a challenge. Taking the opportunity to tap into the unprecedented luxury market on the Maltese Islands, she and her partner George Turns, came up with the idea of tappintomalta.

Tappintomalta provides a platform for interesting articles talking about luxury lifestyle both in Malta and around the world, covering topics such as travel, interiors, design, yachting, fashion, events as well as human stories covering inspiring individuals.  Consumers can find out about the latest trends and stay abreast with new products arriving on the island.

Tappintomalta is also host to a blog written by Isabel as well as contributing writers.

Isabel is a Founding Member of the International Luxury Hotel Association.

George Turns

Whether it is a Mont Blanc pen, a Ducati motorcycle, or a top-end luxury hotel, the detail, time, pride and care taken by people to present a creation of beauty to the world should be appreciated.” –George Turns

Between 1973 and 1990, George Turns travelled all across the globe with the military. His out-of-the-ordinary experiences, which allowed him to view life and lifestyles from many different angles and perspectives, led him to appreciate the extraordinary things in life, including the finer details and reliable quality that stem from luxury objects and experiences.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, George brings to the mix a lifetime’s exposure to brands spanning a multitude of industries and cultures, giving him a unique outlook on what really matters when one expects true luxury – which is why he believes that it is fine workmanship and attention to detail that differentiates the average from the special.

George’s career spans several decades and, on top of 17 years in the military, he has worked on world risk management projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He has also held prestigious roles as Managing Director of an IT technical company he co-founded, as Senior consultant to a blue-chip oil and gas company in West Africa, and as the Senior Project Manager to critical infrastructure projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, among others.

Having first been to Malta in 1975, it was a series of subsequent visits that truly led George to make Malta his home and, along with his partner Isabel Tapp, he has now been living on the Island for the past two years.

With the idea behind Tappintomalta developing while they were sourcing reliable suppliers for their new home, the couple have now crafted a business that caters for a luxury market that was previously untapped.


Annabel Camilleri – Operations Manager

Annabel’s roots are planted in the hospitality industry in London where she developed a keen eye for quality service delivery. Coming back to Malta in 2000 she continued to work in the service industry maintaining a strong focus on Customer Service, client satisfaction and engagement.

Having travelled, lived and worked in various countries Annabel has a love for the more beautiful things in life and is always keen to share her experiences.  She believes too that a quality product should be inextricably linked to quality service, making luxury more of an experiential concept than a purely tangible one.



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