Introducing the New Desk Collection from Narbutas


When the question of a comfortable office space comes up, what most people think of first is the chair in which they have to sit in for all those long hours at work. Now, you could have the most comfortable chair ever made, but without a desk, you can kiss any hopes of productivity goodbye.

Whether you’re working on a brief for an upcoming meeting, a design project, or trying to finish a thesis, DEX Workspaces is now offering a new range of desks from the Narbutas collection, that are designed with your efficiency in mind. Plus, their range includes everything from basic office desks, executive desks, and even meeting tables, such as the AIR, PLANA, and T Easy desks.

PLANA  T-easy-1

What makes Narbatus’ collection a perfect fit for any space is the minimalist but one-of-a-kind design of its pieces – a result of over 20 years of experience and the combined efforts of leading European designers. And, with both standard and non-standard features in each piece, it can be guaranteed that even the person with the plainest, pickiest, or edgiest tastes will be satisfied.

Apart from the aesthetic dimensions of the design, each desk can be specially chosen to accommodate you, depending on the devices you use, and your individual preferences.

Nova-U-3  Nova-U-slide-1

With an acoustic screen system, optional side towers, and soft-closing cabinets, the NOVA desking system within the Narbutas collection offers a range of desks that are as convenient as they are stylish. Plus, the JAZZ models are the ideal sit-stand desks that allow for further versatility within the workplace.

DGA163+ZGZ001+DGZ004+DGZ001+DGK162+DGZ007+DGF620+DGE3002+ZGZ0022  Jazz-height-4

And, with Flip Top desks also in their collection – which are easy to assemble and practical for those who want a clean yet lively workspace – Narbutas promises to satisfy all your desk needs.

flip-top-5  CZA1401

For more information and personalized assistance, you can contact DEX Workspaces, or visit their showroom in Mdina Road, Qormi.


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