The truth about thread count, and the questions you should be asking

Boris Arcidiacono - Thread Count - Schlossberg_

Bed linen is one of the most important things I think about when considering my bedroom décor. Some of it comes down to aesthetics: what will coordinate well with my wallpaper and cushions? Do I want to go for the comfy duvet look with just a fitted sheet or should I opt for the more traditional bedspread with contrasting top sheet?

However, my main concern when choosing new bed linen is its quality.  When thinking of the best luxury bed linen, the idea of thread count automatically starts to emerge from a corner of our consciousness. Like with everything that is good and top of the range, higher usually means better; and this is what we have been told about thread count too.

Boris Arcidiacono - Thread Count - Schlossberg_

Thread count refers to the number of threads that have been woven into one square inch of fabric. Not too long ago a 300 / 400 thread count was considered the pinnacle of luxury. Today, there are manufacturers that wow us with numbers like 800 and 1000 to justify their high end linens. In reality only so many pieces of thread can actually fit into that one square inch, so what these producers do is multiply the number of threads by the number of ply to each thread. For example, 800 thread count is two ply 400 thread count woven together, not 800 threads. This actually creates sheets that are heavier and less breathable, not necessarily softer sheets that make you want to envelop yourself in.

Boris Arcidiacono - Thread Count - Schlossberg_

What we should actually be looking out for is the quality of the thread used, the manufacturing process, and the type of fabric. I am a fan of cotton: I love the crisp, cool feeling when I climb into a freshly made bed with newly laundered sheets. Admittedly, the crisper cottons can get rather cold in the winter months.

Cotton’s most important quality characteristic is the length of the individual fibres, which is known as the staple length. Prestigious Swiss brand, Schlossberg, differentiates between short-stapled fibres (less than 26 mm), medium-stapled fibres (26–29 mm), long-stapled fibres (30 mm and longer), and the very rare extra-long-stapled fibres (longer than 40 mm). The weave and the tread counts do not define the quality of the Cotton applied.

It really is a matter of preference. Some, like me do prefer the cool touch. Others prefer soft cosy bedding and some the smoothness of cotton sateen.

So, when you go linen shopping, do not automatically opt for the sheets with the highest thread count. Take a moment to remind yourself what type of material makes you feel most comfortable when curled up in your bed. Remember that, after all, it is not just a matter of numbers. You should be taking all of these factors into consideration: Fabric quality, the manufacturing process and possibly thread count last of all, if that’s still important to you.

Boris Arcidiacono - Thread Count - Schlossberg_

Some of the best linen brands available in Malta can be found at Boris Arcidiacono in Sliema. Their in-store experts can recommend the best options for you. They stock some of the finest Swiss bedding that features a range of exquisite fabrics, including top of the line jacquard, supima cotton sateen, Micro Modal, cordon and 100% cotton jersey knit.

View their partner profile here for contact information and more.



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