Why travelling in the right vehicle matters

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Our language, disposition, appearance, education and yes, the cars we drive, say something about us – about our identity, who we are, and what we value. Together, they tell a story.

It is not the price tag of an item that differentiates us, but their origin – the ideology and belief behind those who made them. And in the corporate world, people don’t buy your service – they buy your story.

First impressions determine what other people will think of you – they’re the opening lines of your book. How you arrive to your destination, whether you use public transport, a taxi, your family car, or opt to get driven by a chauffeur, is your opening line.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” – Simon Sinek

Choose a car that reflects your values

Over a hundred years ago, a company producing industrial machines was doing well, and one of its founders had the opportunity to indulge in his old passion of designing a horseless carriage. In 1885, he finished the first automobile entirely designed as such to generate its own power – the Benz Patent Motorwagen. What followed was a legacy of innovation that continues this day.

It may be men that are obsessed with cars, but it was a woman who perfected it

Soon after the invention of this automobile, which couldn’t climb hills, Bertha Benz, without the knowledge of her husband, took his car for a 66 mile trip. She located pharmacies to fuel up, repaired technical and mechanical problems, and subsequently invented break lining and gears. Thanks to her, the Motorwagen could climb hills and traverse long journeys.

Also, the very first car in Malta was owned by two sisters.

Embrace the true definition of luxury

‘Luxury comes from people and brands who utilise the very best materials, techniques, or knowledge, to give a client a unique, tailored experience within a suitable timeframe.’ Don’t be afraid to be uncompromising in your standards – it is the one quality shared by all of the world’s greatest inventors.

Dacoby Chauffeur Service use a modern fleet of Mercedes Benz cars, exclusively. Why? It is the only company they feel truly reflects their own values: Innovation, service that is uncompromisingly excellent, and passion. Their products and service are proof of these beliefs. They served international celebrities, corporate CEO’s, and are the perfect choice for anyone who seeks to tell a story of passion and innovation.


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