Heaven scent


The birth of perfume as we know it was around 3000 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Even though today fragrances form part of a very commercialised industry and are considered somewhat of a luxury, they started life as little more than incense used in religious procedures. The Romans followed suit, creating incense and oils for use in public baths, with the Greeks then developing liquid forms.

The ingredients that we predominantly used to create these scents included a multitude of herbs and spices, the likes of which are still used in perfume creation today. The firm favourites in Greece then, as now, were Bergamot, coriander and almond . The extraction and distilling of oils from flowers was later discovered in Persia and this process is still widely used.

The 14th century saw perfume come into use in Europe first in Hungary, followed by Italy and France where flowers were cultivated specifically to blend perfumes. During the Renaissance, fragrance was widely used by royalty and high society to mask bodily odours. By the 1800s synthetic scents were created and perfumes started to become more commonplace as a beauty product. But it wasn’t till he mid-twentieth century that perfume became less a sign of upper society and more a common staple in beauty arsenals.

Still holding true to the artisanal roots of fragrance creation, Laboratorio Olfattivo offers an innovative collection of fragrances in which artistic research and the art of perfume making play the leading role. It is an artistic workshop in constant ferment, energized by perfume artists who work in total freedom, without any constraints on their creativity.

Each single fragrance has its own special story and for this reason is completely unique. It is the creative and emotional expression of the artist’s olfactory vision of beauty, history and nature. It is the nose’s tribute to the perfume world.

Visit the Laboratorio Olfattivo shop in Bisazza Street, Sliema to find the scent that suits your mood.



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