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Yes, Fall is here, and while some of us mourn for summer and are in the process of layering up our wardrobe with sweaters and long sleeved shirts, we should not forget about layering up our hair too.

The cold damp weather and strong winds so typical of Fall offer a perfect opportunity for both men and women to experiment with texture and layers.

For now, let us focus on men.

It is easy to spot successful people: fine, tailored clothes, well-nourished skin, classy, luxurious car, and often physically fit. One thing that often lets these men down is their haircut. For the majority of men, the first signs of a receding hairline or thinning hair are enough for them to give up entirely – and going for something cheap with sides not blended properly and cuts that are too bland is indeed giving up. Just look at George Clooney as a perfect example of great hair care.

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Get the look with  label.m Volume Mousse and Sea salt spray to add volume and thickness.

For men who would like to add volume and create bigger, more expressive looks, label.m Volume Mousse is  brilliant, providing a distinct edge-driven texture. It is perfect for those who would like to emphasise volume  at the front of the crown, and pave the way for a polished  Pompadour. All you needs is to spray it on damp hair and comb through it for a sleek, refined look, or use fingers to create a more relaxed appearance. For a thicker, matt effect, use a Sea salt spray on dry hair and blow dry it.

The trend for shiny straight hair – while not obsolete – has saturated and given space to the appreciation of waves and curls. If you have curly (or even wavy) hair, chances are that at some point you either straightened it chemically or opted to shave it all off because, well, wavy hair tends to be unruly and go everywhere except where you want it.

Thankfully, wavy and curly hair are becoming textures men no longer shy away from. An expert stylist can advise you on which style works best for your particular face shape, and unlike the old days of sharp, straight hair, wavy and curly hairstyles thrive without the need for colossal quantities of hair product.

 Photo Credit: WavyHairstyles.Digital image. Fashion Beans. 09 January 2015. Web. 24 September 2015.

Classic and masculine, the French crop suits guys of any age and face shape, provided your stylist or barber is able to make the right alterations to suit your appearance. Round faces, for example, will benefit from especially short, sharp sides and plenty of texture through the top section to add some height; meanwhile, it’s better to frame longer faces with longer sides (which will add width to balance) and a slightly flatter top section.

TONI&GUY, a franchise that has established itself in multiple countries, has been the leading stylistic team at the London Fashion Week  for the last 10 years, and is undoubtedly the best place to go for a tailored, singular hairstyling experience.

For those seeking to refine their hair care, visit one of the TONI&GUY salons in  Malta.


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