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Follow the evolution in women’s hairstyles over the last 50 years

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Since the day Toni & Guy was founded in 1963 by brothers Giuseppe and Gaetano, they have gone from strength to strength evolving their styles, salons, products and academies all over the world. Today we take you through the evolution that has gone on in hairstyles over the same time period


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Let’s start with the 60’s and 70’s
In the beginning of the 60’s, styles still resembled those more classic and slightly conservative looks of the 50’s. The mid-60’s were definitely already less formal, but the sharp lines were still there. This is when the famous ‘bob’ hairstyle was invented. Apart from the bob you would see ladies with big ‘bouffant’ hair and styles that were set with big heated rollers.
At the end of the 60’s, styles were already changing quite considerably. Natural looking long hair paired with tie-dyed shirts, short skirts and flares was the signature look of the era. The natural afro was also a big hit at this time. No more straighteners, just natural. It’s almost like the 50’s were so ‘strict’ that everything just exploded in the late sixties.


The 70’s were a bit of an extension of the late 60’s. The roller sets were very popular and a mix between natural and big hair was seen everywhere. Plaits and long, wavy hair were the norm.
There was a tiny revolution as well at this time; women and men were more equal than ever and that showed: women would go for short hair just like the men and some men would also wear longer hairstyles. A unisex period had arrived.


What happened in the 80’s?
80’s hair was either very high maintenance with big hair sprayed dos, curls, perms, highlights… Or easy and very wearable like we saw in the 70’s. Women often had pretty short haircuts or very long hair.  Unfortunately we also saw the mullet rear its head at this time. We are personally very glad this style was short-lived!

WHO'S THE BOSS? - "Prom Night II" - Airdate: May 3, 1988. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)ALYSSA MILANO

Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

How to define the 90’s?
In the 90’s everything became a bit calmer and tuned down. The hairstyles could still be big, but definitely not as big and extravagant as before. Chunky highlights were a big trend as well as lots of layering and tight curls or completely straight and sleek hair.
Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example for the 90’s look; lots of layers framing her face and chunky highlights through her brown hair. Women would run to the salon and show an image of ‘The Rachel’, desperate to recreate the look.
If you preferred a tamer look than the 80’s had to offer, then the 90’s were the perfect decade for you. Natural hair colours and cuts were also a big hit in the 90’s.

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Changes in the 2000’s
In the beginning of the 2000’s, the 90’s hairstyles were still going strong. The 2000’s, I would say, is a bit of a mix between natural hairstyles and natural hairstyles with a twist. Hair extensions crept into the mainstream, but weren’t so refined. Small strokes of brightly coloured hair, or small extensions in bright colours in your natural hair were also very on trend in the early 2000’s. Up-dos that were seen everywhere: Hair pulled up with small strands of hair left out to frame your face, and pinned upstyles with lots of hairclips and random bits of hair sticking out to get that ‘playful’ look.

Now in the second decade of the new millennium hairstyles continue to evolve.  We have even seen some hark back to earlier decades such as the comeback of the flicks of the 80’s, the ‘bouffants’ of the 60’s and 70’s as Velcro rollers come back in demand.

So many big changes have happened over the last few decades and Toni & Guy knows all about it. If you are curious about today’s trends check out our previous posts on Toni & Guy here to find out how to get the most contemporary looks.

If you’re ready for a change or maybe just a touch up, they’re more than happy to help you out. View their partner profile here to learn more about them and get in touch.


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