Get ready for summer with this fresh and feminine limited edition perfume

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Davidoff launches its annual summer limited editions of the always popular Cool Water fragrances in a collection called Cool Water Exotic Summer for 2016. Since the original Cool Water from 1988 and Cool Water Woman from 1996, Davidoff finds inspiration in oceans and annually launches new, limited edition aromatic-aquatic fragrances. The new collection was preceded by Cool Water Summer Seas in 2015, Cool Water Coral Reef in 2014 and Cool Water Into The Ocean in 2013.

The distinguishing bottles of the collection are decorated with discreet palm tree prints, while their boxes show pictures of sea lagoons.

Here is what I thought of the Davidoff Cool Water Exotic Summer Eau De Toilette Limited Edition for women when I tried it out for a week.

The name for this summery perfume is perfectly fitting.
With orris root as the base note, lily of the valley and florals as middle notes and melon as the top note, this perfume has a fresh scent but is still feminine.
It makes you think of summer right away. This may be because of the design on the bottle, but the smell is also summer in a bottle. It evokes images of beautiful sunny days, hanging out on the beach or going for a nice lunch on a beautiful terrace. Summer time is here with this new perfume!

Davidoff Cool Water - Exotic Summer

When I first spray it on, I smell a very fresh scent that could almost be a unisex perfume. On my skin, it changes over the time: It becomes a bit warmer and sweeter, which makes it a very feminine scent instead of the unisex tones before. I’ve tried it on some friends and on their skin it doesn’t change a lot and stays the very fresh scent. As with all perfumes, it does tend to take on slightly different notes on different people.

Usually I’m the kind of person that likes to wear heavier eau de parfums with a warm undertone even during the daytime. I have worn the Davidoff Cool Water Exotic Summer while I was out at night, but for me this really is a daytime perfume as it’s so summery, fresh and of course an eau de toilette. Fresh eau de toilettes seem to disappear pretty quickly on my skin. However, even though Davidoff Cool Water Exotic Summer is a light eau de toilette, the scent lingers throughout the day!

Franks - Perfume Review - Davidoff 2

Davidoff Cool Water Exotic Summer is similar to the original Cool Water, but a bit more fruity because of the melon. If you’re looking for a perfume for this summer, this is an excellent choice.

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