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First impressions always count, so it’s incredibly important that you always look well groomed. As a company it may be even more important to make sure your staff always looks ‘fresh’, so it’s only logical to invest in the appropriate training where both your staff and organization can benefit.



Having a great looking team can actually improve your team’s performance. The session is aimed at improving your team’s performance as FRANKS will be shifting your staff away from their usual environment. The training has been programmed to be both interactive and enjoyable, which also helps to boost team morale and create closer connections between your employees.


At FRANKS they feel that motivation is key to keeping your employees refreshed and enthusiastic. Their fun and knowledgeable sessions will not only train your female staff, but will also leave them motivated and energized, which naturally improves productivity in the workplace.

Gain confidence

By teaching and guiding your staff about how to take care of their skin and appropriate make up application, they will also be more confident in factoring in the steps learnt to their daily routine. At FRANKS they help their clients master a lifestyle; therefore, their training sessions won’t just improve your staff’s appearance during working hours, but will also leave them feeling great and confident in their personal life.

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FRANKS is ready to give answers to questions your staff may ask:

What is the appropriate amount of make up to wear?
How much make up is excessive?
What colours suit me?
What kind of make up is suitable for my skin type?
Will make up affect my skin condition, and if yes, how should I protect my skin from the effects of wearing make up?

All these questions require some expert advice and answers that FRANKS is ready to give. They help you out and work together to look into the grooming techniques which suit your company’s image and ensure that you steer clear of those that do not.
Perfect to give your staff a little boost!

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Three professionally designed packages are available to attend

The Classic Emerald Package includes:
– How to take care of the skin
– Make up application
– Demonstration on one of the employees
Gift: Free makeover or mini facial vouchers.

The Radiant Orchid Package

– Presentation on skincare and make up application.
– Make up application demonstrated on each individual.
Gift: Free makeover or mini facial vouchers.

The Grand Iris Package includes:
This is a tailor made package.
Research is done about the company’s brand image and we customize a look specifically for you. For example, to match the uniform.
Grooming hair and nails, presentation on how to take care of the skin and make up application and a practice session with their professional assistance.
Gift: Samples with free trial sizes for everyone to try out and vouchers for a free makeover or mini facial.

Men’s grooming sessions

FRANKS also provides professional grooming sessions for men. Men are now expected to spend (almost) as much time as women taking care of themselves when it comes to visual presentation. Shirts must be ironed, ties must be straight and shoes must be polished. But… It doesn’t end there.
At FRANKS they can go through the basics to the details in one sitting with your male employees.
With the package below your staff will understand the importance of grooming and it will leave them with a positive notion on the subject. All of this provides the tools and information to begin the modern man’s way of life.

male course

The Suit & Tie Package includes:
– Expert shaving tips
– The art of beard
– Hair care tips
– Pointers on how to streamline your daily grooming routine
– Update your fragrance wardrobe, choosing the appropriate fragrance for the appropriate occasion
– Tips on how to choose and purchase the perfect suit which fits like a glove
– Accessories and gadgets which could fine tune your grooming regime

FRANKS has already assisted some of Malta’s most high profile organisations in the banking and hospitality sectors among others. Are you ready to add even more freshness and beauty to your company? Contact FRANKS at their partner profile here to find out more about fees and details and enjoy a lovely day at one of their grooming sessions!


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