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Spice up your hairdo with Toni & Guy’s Socialized campaign

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It’s December and this time of the year you might want to create a new look for the festive holidays or just freshen up your current hairdo.

‘’It’s a great time of year where we can all come together in one place and work towards developing that distinctive, stand out Toni & Guy global image.

With the increasing popularity of social media, creating, sharing and inspiring one another has never been so easy. That’s why the name Socialized is so perfect for this year’s campaign’’, said Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.

For this year’s campaign Toni & Guy took influences from all over the world, putting together old and new and drawing upon fashion from designers such as Giles, Marc Jacobs, Christopher Kane, Alexander Wang and many others.

The 8 women’s cuts and colours and two men’s cuts are more dynamic than ever before. Using the brand Label.M throughout, the styles range from longer lengths with distressed textures, punctuated by overgrown eye skimming fringes to short graphic shapes. These dynamic styles feature special techniques adopted by top Toni & Guy stylists.



As you might have noticed, your Christmas hairdo doesn’t have to be conventional this year.

Also colour makes a big statement with a palette of saturated retro red, electric violet, sunset purple and dramatic high contrasts next to each other with pewter to heighten or compliment each style.
A theme reflected within the clothes and make-up, colour dominates, whether it rules an entire outfit or is used to create a ‘statement lip’, it’s all about about being bold.

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