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Runners Crowdfund for First Autism Handbook in Maltese

Thanks to the efforts of four runners, parents of children in Malta diagnosed with Autism can hope to receive a Maltese language handbook to help guide them as they adjust to life with this news. The initiative is spearheaded by a campaign on crowdfunding website ZAAR, in which the brave runners will complete a grueling […]


Music exams

Piano is the most popular instrument among music students

Starting this Monday 8 May and going on until the 22 May, the Malta Society of Arts (MSA) will be hosting its bi-annual practical music examinations with the London College of Music (LCM), which is the largest specialist music and performing arts institution in the UK. The MSA has been the representative of the LCM […]



Sustainable tourism conference: EU funding and industry frontrunners

As part of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017, a high-level conference on sustainable tourism will take place on 8 May in Valletta, Malta, bringing together policymakers and travel industry representatives to discuss the potential of the tourism sector to adopt a more sustainable approach, with particular focus on environmental impacts. Hosted […]



To aim and inspire: Vivendo Hospitality launches new website

Vivendo Hospitality has launched a new website focused on showcasing their integrated furnishing solutions for companies and individuals in the hospitality industry. Architects, designers, business owners, and other stakeholders can now browse through projects that have been managed by Vivendo Hospitality in the past, take a look at the range of furnishings showcased on the […]



Malta Welcomes 8,000 Visitors for AMP Lost & Found Festival

Malta has once again proved its worth as a thriving upmarket festival destination, as 8,000 revellers chose to make the trip here to enjoy last weekend’s AMP Lost & Found Festival. Locally organised by 356 Group, the event is the first and largest of its kind on the island with a jam-packed itinerary that spanned […]


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Marrying high-tech engineering with style and elegance

When it comes to buying furniture, especially if it is a sofa or an armchair, one conundrum always props up: Do I go for what provides comfort, or that which is more aesthetically appealing? The Himolla lift-up and electric recliners were made with one priority: uniting high-tech engineering with style and elegance seamlessly. Let’s take […]


Aerial View on Saint Julien and Spinola Bay at Dawn, Malta

Malta: An Investor’s Paradise (Part 2)

Further to Part 1 of this Article, which focused on the growth of and opportunities associated with Malta’s financial services industry, along with some of the other innovative legislation which is central to attracting inbound investment into Malta, in this Part 2 we shall be looking to further explore some of the attractive characteristics of […]



Underground Cisterns to Open for the Valletta Green Festival

Underground cisterns located underneath the Archbishop’s Palace will be open during the Valletta Green Festival which will be running from the 25th April till the 30th April, Valletta 2018 Chairman Jason Micallef announced earlier today. The underground caves house fresh running water which has been around since before Valletta’s construction and which flows to this […]


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