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Introducing the New Desk Collection from Narbutas

When the question of a comfortable office space comes up, what most people think of first is the chair in which they have to sit in for all those long hours at work. Now, you could have the most comfortable chair ever made, but without a desk, you can kiss any hopes of productivity goodbye. […]


Towards sunshine, the summer breeze, and starry nights

We all like to wrap ourselves in thick sheets, sip hot chocolate, and warm our feet with heaters during the colder months, but as Spring tiptoes by the door, so does the warmth our islands are known for. I may be a lover of layers and warm cups of tea, but I can’t deny – […]



Good taste is something that is usually perceived to be innate, it is the reflection of our personality. It is subjective and is reflected in all areas of our lives. It is linked to good forms of behavior, education, order, moderation and harmony. Previously, and until very recently, good taste in interior decoration was associated […]

Mdina GLass Changelier

5 things you didn’t know about Mdina Glass

We Maltese always proport to be experts on all our national treasures. Ok maybe expert isn’t the right word. It’s more like know-it-alls. Recognised by all who live in and visit our islands, Mdina Glass is one of those national treasures that we all feel capable to giving the tour guide spiel about. But are […]

cold an fashion

Cold? Who said it was cold?

Yep, it’s so cold at the moment that you might not be sure  what to wear. But don’t worry! We have the perfect solution to keep you warm when you’re out and about even at these temperature     The Perfect Coat Let’s start with an essential: Fur coats, raincoats or quilted. This year it’s […]

Wooden Dolls

6 last-minute Christmas gifts for those who love to accessorize

As anyone you talk to might bring up in conversation, it’s only a few days till Christmas; With all the preparations under way, it’s easy to get distracted and forget about of one of the most anticipated parts of the holiday – giving and receiving presents. To help you with any last-minute gift shopping you […]

Henri Christmas 2016

Inspired Gifts this Christmas from Henri

Finding a Christmas gift that creates real impact can be a challenge. This is especially true when buying for those “have everything” kind of people.  I have a few of those in my life, and try as I might to wrack my brains, inspiration often fails me. So how great is it when you can […]


Christmas gift guide for her

The run up to Christmas is the season when people are likely to start getting most excited, with Christmas parties, celebration meals, and gift giving on the cards. In fact, receiving gifts, especially from a loved one, is always a special moment. Selecting gifts is also an enjoyable activity for some people, but for others, […]

quilted semi upholstered

Under the Quilt – An inside look at BoConcept’s new Adelaide

When is a chair not just a chair? When it’s the thing you look forward to sitting in after a long day. When you cannot wait to show it to your friends and family after getting it. When it fills an empty space in a room so perfectly that it makes you wonder if the […]

Boris Arcidiacono - Thread Count - Schlossberg_

The truth about thread count, and the questions you should be asking

Bed linen is one of the most important things I think about when considering my bedroom décor. Some of it comes down to aesthetics: what will coordinate well with my wallpaper and cushions? Do I want to go for the comfy duvet look with just a fitted sheet or should I opt for the more […]


A combination of design, style, and comfort to better your health with ergonomic chairs

We spend more than 9 hours sitting per day, more than the time spent sleeping (around 8). Although it may be comfortable, sitting is not a natural position our body is built for, and this ultimately damages our body and puts our health at risk. To prevent many diseases such as chronic back pain, it […]

Mdina Glass - Gifts conception

Rewarding Loyalty with Mdina Glass

Happy, engaged staff and customers are the real secret behind a successful company. Engaged staff will perform like company owners, putting in extra effort and going the extra mile every day.  Happy customers will more often than not become your true brand ambassadors.  Once a client is brand loyal they will undoubtedly keep coming back […]

Marathon boy

From Plato to Socrates with Henri

Take a look at this new line, inspired by ancient Greek culture, only at HENRI Luxury Gift Boutique. Most of us are familiar with ancient Greece. The civilization is considered the golden age of Greece and the cradle of Western culture. Are you a fan of the mythology? Or perhaps you have a particular proclivity […]

LOFT - Flamant - Welcome home

What makes a house a home?

Having lived in almost a dozen houses or apartments in my lifetime, I can really count on one hand how many of these have felt like a home.  Those abodes where I’ve felt like kicking off my shoes as soon as I get through the door and curling up in the warmth. Or the ones […]

Carre Blanc Bed Linen Masculine

Discover a universe of beautiful colour and texture for your bedroom

Whatever the colour scheme in your bedroom, there is no better way to keep your décor looking fresh and innovative, than by updating your bed linen. If you already have a distinct colour scheme or pattern on your walls or in the curtain fabric, finding a throw cover or cushions to complement it shouldn’t be […]

hot spring featured image

Perfect relaxation and entertainment in your own little paradise

Ultimate relaxation… How does that sound? Imagine yourselves in the most beautiful paradise you would like to be right now and let your dreams take over reality: And if paradise to you means the warm waters of summertime, you might be longing for ways to warm up during the winter. Our partner Dolphin Pools is very […]

Boris Arcidiacono Christmas

Get some luxury gift inspiration from Boris Arcidiacono

Christmas is right around the corner and to surprise someone with the right present this year, we wanted to guide you with this extra special gift guide inspired by the wonderful brands from our partner Boris Arcidiacono Cosy bathrobes During Winter it’s really nice to fill up your bath, light candles and just sit back […]

Henri - Tom's Drags - Lion

Find out more about the gifts designed to bring joy

Most artists always start with a mission in mind. For Tom Hoffmann, it was wanting to bring some brightness back into his friends’ lives following the sombre events of 11th September 2001. His creations were personal individual gifts, incorporating his love for detail. These tokens traded sadness and anger for humour and joy. Those who […]

featured image nero lanterns

Discover the latest creation from Mdina Glass the Nero Lantern

Christmas is coming and as the weather is changing, you might want to cuddle up and get cosy near a fireplace. Sometimes that’s all you want or need this time of year. To create a cosy place, dimmed lights are the perfect solution. The Mdina Glass collection of handmade products, made by its specialist craftsmen, […]


Christmas gift ideas to decorate your home in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian interiors are a trending topic these days and who wouldn’t love a Scandinavian design-inspired gift for Christmas?     Our partner BoConcept brings you the following beautiful interior accessories to suit any personality and give your home that little bit more ‘oomph’.   To get cosy Terracotta tea light holders, set of 4 assorted […]


Sweet dreams beneath a starry sky

Think bed linen, and the considerations that instantly come to mind are thread count, the fabric, pattern and colour. But consider lighting up your bedroom décor with more than colour as Swiss bedding specialists Schlossberg introduce CELESTE, the first-ever illuminated bed linen set.   Traditional Swiss bed linen manufacturer Schlossberg Switzerland has once again demonstrated […]

hands free 8

Drive safely with a Hands Free kit

Why you need to install a HANDS FREE device in your car The formation of Malta’s new Road Safety Council this year, together with the initiative set out in the Transport Ministry’s, Road Safety Strategy,is aimed at clamping down on the use of mobile phones while at the wheel.  The offence itself has seen the […]

franks logo vector format-1-

Discover our new Beauty partner – Franks

The latest partner to join the ranks of tappintomalta’s purveyors of luxury brands and high end services is Franks. At Franks, their Mission is to open the doors of luxury to all those with a flair for opulence and extravagance. Their primary aim is to pamper all those who walk through their doors,  offering the […]

Henri - 11951257_528658990614551_1880841197481257315_n

Partner Spotlight on Henri

Partner Spotlight 8: Henri luxury gift boutique for quality gift ideas with an emphasis on creativity, originality and exclusivity…new premises in Sliema now open. HENRI is a luxury gift boutique with two outlets – one in the medieval citadel of Mdina, which once also served as the capital of Malta, and the other at Pjazza […]


Partner Spotlight on Flamingo

Flamingo is the place to visit for some of the best names in home appliances and home-wares, from Bauknecht to Lagostina, Liebherr to Sharp and more. Flamingo is the trade name under which Mirage Holdings Ltd carries out its business throughout the Maltese Islands. It was formed in 1983 and since then has grown to become […]

Elektra - Artemide- Sisifo3

Partner Spotlight on Elektra

Elektra Ltd is tappintomalta’s partner to light up your spaces whatever the mood. Whether you want to do the lighting for your office, a building, a club, or your own home, Elektra has the knowledge and expertise that comes from over thirty years of experience within this industry, and remains the leading brand for its distinguished, […]

LOFT - James Hare - Preview

A sneak preview – Luxury interiors fabrics from James Hare

Founded in 1865, today James Hare is Britain’s leading silk specialist. It is still owned and run by the Hare family, producing luxury textiles for the demanding world of fashion and interiors. Firm favourites with leading designers and decorators, James Hare luxurious fabrics are famous worldwide. The business has progressed over generations but it continues […]

BorisArcidiacono - Schlossberg Video - Bed

After all, a good night’s sleep is the definition of luxury

If you have ever driven past the window displays at Boris Arcidiacono in Sliema, you have definitely noticed the beautiful linen collections from Swiss designers Schlossberg. Discover the secrets to how their designs are made to come so alive… almost as though you were looking at a painting. View true artistry at work in this […]

MdinaGlass - Lanterns - Sizes

A flicker of light and a dash of colour

Nothing creates the right mood like an evocative ambience; and nothing says ambience like the twinkling of light reflected through coloured glass, bouncing off your walls and surfaces. Create a fantastic ambience, be it indoors or out, with these stylish and vibrant handmade glass lanterns created by Malta’s leading glassware manufacturer, Mdina Glass. The wide […]

CarreBlanc - Children's Gifts - frimousse2

Bedtime stories and bath-time fun

I always find gift giving for children a challenging experience. Not having children myself, I often lack in inspiration when looking for gifts for birthdays, christenings and baby showers.  Whether for a newborn or young toddler, I struggle to see the point in buying yet another hunk of plastic that sings songs or demonstrates different […]


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