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Marrying high-tech engineering with style and elegance

When it comes to buying furniture, especially if it is a sofa or an armchair, one conundrum always props up: Do I go for what provides comfort, or that which is more aesthetically appealing? The Himolla lift-up and electric recliners were made with one priority: uniting high-tech engineering with style and elegance seamlessly. Let’s take […]

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GALA SPA AWARDS 2017: This year’s nominees for the renowned beauty and spa award have been confirmed

On March 25th in Hamburg, the GALA SPA AWARDS will be held for the 21st time. This year the award will once again honor the best luxury hotels, most beautiful spa locations, most innovative beauty products and the most unusual treatments. Only first-class care products and hotels that meet the award’s promise of being “sanus per […]


Redefining Luxury for your Bedroom

Four centuries ago, opulent Chateaux and grand, imposing churches were built to express the triumph of nobility and church – the architecture known as Baroque. In the 1860’s, artists rejected traditional forms of painting and explored different disciplines, the style defined as Modernism. Indeed, fashion, design, and all art are reflections in dialogue with the […]

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The true value of an Ergonomic Chair

Every office chair is made up of the same five key components, yet the differences in the way these parts are designed can literally make or break your back. An ergonomic office chair is built with comfort and durability in mind. If you spend a lot of time sitting at work, then you want to […]


5 (simple) ways to Detox

I know, you’ve already heard it all…New Year, New You! But it really doesn’t have to be a drastic overhaul. Here’s how.     Tweak your diet We’re not talking big plans here. No complex schedules. Opt for small changes: Swap your coffee or tea for green tea. Add a glass of water (or three). […]


The 4 most comfortable chair brands from Boris Arcidiacono

Despite the cold, winter is almost synonymous with warm pleasures and home comforts, and with that comes the additional desire to relax and unwind. We may not have the coldest of weathers, but Winter is brutal in Malta. We all long for warm pleasures, and the comfort of sitting by a fireplace, with hot chocolate […]

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Outstanding mattresses to suit every sleep ailment

Very often, those of us who have problems sleeping, do so because of our lifestyle: And while this isn’t something we can normally change overnight (pardon the pun), there are some elements of our sleep environment that we can. We spend a third of our day in our bed – and thus a third of […]

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Stephen Cordina Aroma&Therapy at Kwalita Malta this weekend at MFCC

This weekend, entrepreneur and aroma therapist Stephen Cordina will, exhibit his popular range of natural, locally-produced cosmetics, home and office fragrances, and hand-balm candles at the highly-anticipated Kwalita Malta event at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre, Ta Qali. Mr Cordina, who qualified in aromatherapy, clinical medicine and reflexology in the UK and Switzerland, is […]

Empowering Women

Workshop Empowering Women with the Confidence to Defend Themselves

A series of workshops are being organised in Malta aimed specifically at women. The one-day courses have been developed as a response to the variety of ever increasing risks that the modern world presents. The aim is to educate and train women in their own ability to defend themselves by staying aware and avoiding confrontation […]


Reward yourself at the Athenaeum Luxury Spa

For many, it is a matter of closing an important business deal, for others, it is about moving on from a challenge they’ve overcome, and for some, it is about taking the proper time to relax and think before making an important decision. It is a hard truth that the more successful we get, and […]


What is the secret to a good night’s sleep?

I’ve caught sight of a few posts on my social media timelines lately with the headline “Why women need more sleep than men”. While I don’t dispute that claim, I think one thing is even more true and that is that we all generally need more sleep than I believe the majority of us get. […]

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The replacement of missing teeth may be executed differently. These mainly differ in two ways; a removable prosthesis or a fixed one. A removable prosthesis comes in the form of a denture whilst a fixed prosthesis is either a bridge or an implant. A removable denture utilizes a framework, which engages in between the missing […]

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Take proper care of your body: Take your sitting seriously

You might want to stand up for this.  Around 150000 years ago, sitting was the last thing on our mind. We have moved away from hunting, chasing prey, and running from predators to a more sophisticated, but sedentary lifestyle. Now, these activities are only viewed on the telly while we sit in our lounge. I […]

Technogym - OMNIA

Technogym OMNIA awarded for its unique and innovative design

The 24th edition of the prize ‘Compasso d’Oro’ was won by Technogym thanks to its avant-garde design.During the last 3 years of the prestigious competition,  organized by Industrial Design Association, only 13 awards were granted by the international jury, to products with the most innovative design. In June the 237 products ever awarded in the […]

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Experience the comfort of bedding made to suit your sleep style

For FORM, your sleep comfort is a real passion and they have solutions for all your sleep dilemmas. discover what they have in store to create your optimum sleeping conditions. The Bedding collection from Form keeps growing and now includes two new mattresses.  Moonlight is a hybrid mattress with a generous latex comfort layer overlying […]

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What is the best tooth whitening option for you?

A very popular topic spoken about very openly in social circles, tooth whitening is delivered in different formats and at different prices. There are three main types of tooth whitening. THE HOME KIT This method involves taking impressions of your teeth and producing thin plastic trays to fit onto them. These trays fit your upper […]


Technogym equips new gym at Radisson Blu Resort

Vivendo Group has recently completed work on the newly-equipped gym facilities at the Radisson Blu Resort Malta. Guests at the resort can now stay in shape, using the latest gym and fitness equipment by Technogym. The new gym combines the best new technology with the latest equipment, enabling users to improve their workouts and exercise […]

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Overcome the issues associated with multiple missing teeth at any age

Are you one of those patients missing multiple teeth in either your top or bottom jaws…. or both? If so, for how long have you missed out on chewing on your back teeth? Missing multiple teeth is a very common scenario, which often goes untreated for a very long time. In some individuals patients aren’t […]

Technogym - Wellnessball

Find out about solutions for non dedicated Wellness spaces from Technogym

Improve staff wellbeing and increase productivity with Technogym wellness equipment and tailor-made solutions for your workplace, regardless of the limited space available.   Employers have the potential to influence the wellbeing of their staff. There is no ‘one size fits all’ but where employers are able to raise wellbeing in their workforce, they are also […]

Demajo Dental - Smile

Dr. Jean Paul Demajo discusses some of the aspects of the relationship between dentist and patient

Treating patients is a professional affair, but there is still a very big personal touch, which is not taught in textbooks. When patients are about to embark on a big dental job, they tend to go down one of two roads. One road may lead the patient to the internet, forcing them to go on […]

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Why is Technogym a fully comprehensive architect of wellness

In one of the largest recent projects of its kind to date, Vivendo Group, through Technogym, supplied and installed gym and fitness machines to equip 800 m2 of training space at the 24/7 Fitness Club in San Ġwann. The equipment was chosen for its unique aesthetics and heavy-duty material. Besides outfitting both cardio and strength […]


Learn how easy it is to get that confident smile!

Many years ago if you suffered a blow to your front teeth you were inevitably forced to seek dental treatment. The options for cosmetic adjustments for severely broken teeth were limited to conventional metal-ceramic crowns. Advancements in cosmetic dentistry mean that today, however,  the options are endless with a whole new range of materials to […]

Boris Arcidiacono Christmas

Get some luxury gift inspiration from Boris Arcidiacono

Christmas is right around the corner and to surprise someone with the right present this year, we wanted to guide you with this extra special gift guide inspired by the wonderful brands from our partner Boris Arcidiacono Cosy bathrobes During Winter it’s really nice to fill up your bath, light candles and just sit back […]

Rene Rossignaud

Creating original scents for the discerning eccentrics of today

English Perfumer Penhaligon’s has recently launched No. 33, its 145th anniversary fragrance for men. No.33 gets its name from No.33 St. James Street, the location where William Penhaligon opened his first barber shop in London in 1870, selling fragrances and grooming preparations for gentlemen.   The signature No.33 Eau de Cologne, is complimented by a […]

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How to bring the spa home with your own indoor pool

Living on a Mediterranean island, in Malta we have the good fortune to enjoy swimming weather for almost half the year. Once the more autumnal months bring the wind and rain, many leisure pursuits have to move indoors. Although some will still brave the choppier seas and cold temperatures, the only way most of us […]

Boris Arcidiacono - Motorised beds -  Auping in bed

Find out what makes a bed more than somewhere to lay your head at night?

When it comes to buying a new bed or mattress, I would think that about 90% of us at least would automatically think of a flat divan, or base, with most of the thought process going into what kind of mattress we should be investing in. I know when I started discussing posting about  motorised […]

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Discover our new Beauty partner – Franks

The latest partner to join the ranks of tappintomalta’s purveyors of luxury brands and high end services is Franks. At Franks, their Mission is to open the doors of luxury to all those with a flair for opulence and extravagance. Their primary aim is to pamper all those who walk through their doors,  offering the […]

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Partner Spotlight on Drs. Demajo Dental Clinics

Drs. Demajo Dental Clinics is tappintomalta’s partner for the latest technology and highest level of service for all your dental care needs. They also offer services to assist anyone travelling to Malta from abroad for dental treatment. Achieving a healthy, affluent appearance is not merely a matter of putting on the right clothes and matching […]

Boris Arcidiacono - Tempur  - mattress

All you feel is weightless

Imagine drifting into a perfect sleep… Tempur mattresses support you, conforming and adapting to the shape of your body, in a way that makes you feel completely weightless. The unique Tempur material is soft where you want it and firm where you need it, so you can wake up ready for the day ahead. Tempur, […]

Technogym - MyRun - Runners

Technogym MYRun for Inspire

Technogym MyRun charity challenge at Sliema Seafront. Vivendo Group donates €5 for each km ran in aid of Inspire … and the results were amazing One of the top brands in Europe and the world, Technogym’s goal is to help people live better. Through promoting the Wellness lifestyle, this helps everyone achieve physical and mental […]


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