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Marrying high-tech engineering with style and elegance

When it comes to buying furniture, especially if it is a sofa or an armchair, one conundrum always props up: Do I go for what provides comfort, or that which is more aesthetically appealing? The Himolla lift-up and electric recliners were made with one priority: uniting high-tech engineering with style and elegance seamlessly. Let’s take […]


Designing your kitchen: The right way to do it

Pinterest and interior design blogs are the perfect spaces for inspiration. One word search, and you have at the palm of your hand a plethora of stunning designs that make that voice in your gut kick in and say “I want to have this.” And this is where most people make the fatal flaw – […]


Introducing the New Desk Collection from Narbutas

When the question of a comfortable office space comes up, what most people think of first is the chair in which they have to sit in for all those long hours at work. Now, you could have the most comfortable chair ever made, but without a desk, you can kiss any hopes of productivity goodbye. […]


The Other Side of Luxury

There are a thousand and one ways t­o design your home. When people hear ‘modern design’, they tend to think of minimalism. But truth is, there’s a multitude of other styles one can go for, from industrial, to vintage, or art deco. In fact, FORM wants to showcase these other alternatives to mainstream ideas of […]


DEX Workspaces furnishes Casumo’s new offices

DEX Workspaces has recently furnished Casumo’s new offices. The project took around 12 weeks from planning to completion, and involved various works carried out on the office ceilings and floors to improve sound absorption and give the offices a vibrant, modern look. Casumo is an award-winning online gaming company that offers players a unique brand […]


Changing seasons, changing linens; For a bedroom that looks like spring and feels like summer

In Malta, the end of winter inevitably means that summer is fast approaching. Your wardrobe sheds some of its layers, the beach starts looking more inviting, and your bedsheets start feeling too heavy. As such, making the transition from cozier quilts to lighter bedding is a bit of a ritual. Outside, we’ve been lucky enough to […]

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Elektra Limited Milestone: 40 Years of Service.

Qormi, Malta, January 12, 2017 – marked the 40th anniversary for Elektra Limited, a pioneer in the electrical and lighting industry. Elektra has been established in 1977 and opened its first shop in Pieta` primarily representing Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, having its headquarters in France, followed soon after by […]

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This bedroom collection is what dreams are made of

Ideacasa is helping us navigate February’s cold weather with massive discounts It holds hands with January, and walks side by side with December. Like its precursors, February is a challenge for the best of us. Letting go of the comfort and warmth found in our bedrooms is a monumental challenge (one which I struggle with). […]


Sizing up one of the giants of the kitchen industry

The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home; Its function as a witness to the memorable events within a family makes it a space that needs to be given the right amount of attention. To meet the needs of Maltese customers who want to honour their kitchen’s role within the house, Veneta […]


Celebrating Jensen’s longstanding love affair with comfort this Valentine’s Day

There’s no better way to show someone you care than by doing your best to make them feel comfortable. This is what the Jensen brand is all about. On the 14th of February 1947, the passion for providing customers with beds they can truly enjoy sleeping in gave life to the Norwegian mattress company on […]

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Why you should visit Fino’s new website

In our fast-paced technologically centered community, the way people do business constantly requires refinement, renewal, and speeding up. For this, Fino has launched a new website, showcasing their brand’s style and personality, and highlighting their ingenious hybrid approach to technology and design. As both leaders and experts in design, and strong believers in the values of […]


Redefining Luxury for your Bedroom

Four centuries ago, opulent Chateaux and grand, imposing churches were built to express the triumph of nobility and church – the architecture known as Baroque. In the 1860’s, artists rejected traditional forms of painting and explored different disciplines, the style defined as Modernism. Indeed, fashion, design, and all art are reflections in dialogue with the […]

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Pros and cons of open plan office

Is an open plan office a good idea?  We often perceive the office to be a place where someone can shut themselves away and concentrate on projects, deadlines and to do lists. And shut themselves away is the operative phrase.  But modern management and working styles are giving way to the use of more open […]


Rethinking Your Bathroom in 2017

When people think of aesthetic homes, the bathroom tends to be the last place their mind goes to, even though this room is essential to any house. Revamping the restroom to be a statement of your personality should be your starting design project, and following these trends in 2017 is bound to make your task […]

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What’s the secret Ideacasa has been keeping?

It is often said that nothing in life is free. But just imagine, walking into a shop and being handed a gift by the sales assistant. And not just a token sample gift, but something beautiful and timeless that you yourself picked up off the shelf. Well I’ll let you into a secret, this place […]


Now is the time to get your hands on a Bed from BoConcept

Choose from a plethora of colours and different headboards and create your own door to your dreams. Following our post featuring a multitude of beds, each designed with the promise of maximum functionality through clever under-bed storage solutions and spacious built-in compartments. BoConcept is now adding a layer (or 10) of customisability to their products. […]

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Give your living room a new lease on life

No matter where you hail from, it is a deeply-ingrained tradition to invite friends and family into our homes during any holiday season. Whether it is to watch a Christmas movie together, have conversation over a hot cup of tea or chocolate or have a full-on lavish affair, these gathering are what make this time […]


Finding your kitchen’s warmth in the coolest materials

Whatever season of the year it is, people with a passion for cooking will always have their heads full of all the recipes and concoctions they are dying to test out in their own kitchens. In the same way that different ingredients within a recipe come together to create a delicious feast for your taste […]

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6 last-minute Christmas gifts for those who love to accessorize

As anyone you talk to might bring up in conversation, it’s only a few days till Christmas; With all the preparations under way, it’s easy to get distracted and forget about of one of the most anticipated parts of the holiday – giving and receiving presents. To help you with any last-minute gift shopping you […]

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Outstanding mattresses to suit every sleep ailment

Very often, those of us who have problems sleeping, do so because of our lifestyle: And while this isn’t something we can normally change overnight (pardon the pun), there are some elements of our sleep environment that we can. We spend a third of our day in our bed – and thus a third of […]


How to get your own personalised bed linen in Malta

It’s not every day you walk into a shop to look for bed linen and go, “yes that’s exactly what I want!” Imagine having the best design that suits your room’s colour scheme and your taste, in the size that fits your bed exactly. To see the extent to which tailormade bed linen can be truly […]


Recap: Malta Design Week 2016

As part of the V18 European Capital of Culture Programme, November’s first weekend saw the launch of the 2016 edition of the Malta Design Week, co-sponsored by DEX Workspaces. It is an annual event that bridges the world of design, art, and architecture to the public, and offers a space for discussion through a network […]

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Under the Quilt – An inside look at BoConcept’s new Adelaide

When is a chair not just a chair? When it’s the thing you look forward to sitting in after a long day. When you cannot wait to show it to your friends and family after getting it. When it fills an empty space in a room so perfectly that it makes you wonder if the […]


Ideacasa is proud to launch its new and completely re-designed website

Home isn’t just a building, it’s a world we create for ourselves. Like all creative acts, home starts from inspiration; a spark that becomes the place where people play, rest, work, and thrive in the real world. And because home is sensuous, we had to re-design our website to meet those senses. You are invited to […]


Lighting up your Bathroom Space

The bathroom is one of the only rooms in a busy household where we are usually expected, and encouraged, to lock ourselves inside. So with that in mind, it makes sense to use this private space as a luxurious sanctuary, whereby it is encouraged to make the most of this haven by giving it the […]


Small Spaces, Smart Living

As living spaces seem to shrink but the demands of modern living grow, it can be hard to find the right balance that provides you with both the space and comfort you need. The solution? Don’t just live smaller; Live smarter. BoConcept wants to help customers make the most out of their space – no […]


How do you know the right size for your bedding?

Suppose you are visiting a shop to buy new bedding. You enter the shop and go around to see what sort of design and materials they have available. As you’re browsing through the jungle of Egyptian cotton, silk, and satin, you finally find ones that match your bedroom. However, the moment you ask the shop […]

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Out with the old, in with new furniture.

As the autumn season unfolds and things in nature visibly start to change, a new time of the year comes with a personal desire to do something different. Whether it’s a new haircut, a new outfit, it’s out with the old, in with the new, and this can extend to the internal comforts of your […]


Bring the Northern lights into your home with simple yet elegant Scandinavian design.

With all things Scandinavian dominating the conversation in the worlds of food, fashion and culture at the moment, it comes as no surprise that Nordic aesthetic is also leaving its mark on the world of interior design. BoConcept – with its six decades of experience in Danish design – is a leading brand whose concepts focus […]


Like Houses, Studying is About Finding the Right Location

One of worst struggles for any student is finding the right place to study. Although the university is a place designed for this, actually finding a quiet, comfortable spot with the right amenities is a challenge. The studio, for example, is notorious for being noisy and crowded. The library is fine, but it’s only so […]


Designer hand-picked top furniture pieces this October

Autumn might be seen by many as a season of crossroads; hot summer nights make way for wet and chillier winter evenings, sandals are swapped out for boots, and cool sangria is replaced with steaming mulled wine. And as with every change of season, your household also deserves a much needed sprucing up this Winter. […]


How to pick a Light Fixture – 4 important tips

This month, we at Elektra will be tackling the different aspects you should look at when picking out a Lighting Fixture. We have all been there, we look up one day and see this stupid looking light fixture hanging down from our very own ceiling, and you say to yourself; how did that piece of junk […]

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BoConcept introduces the luxurious new Hampton sofa.

Inspired by the exciting skyline of New York City, the new Hampton sofa is the pinnacle of urban luxury. Its low base keeps it grounded while its innovative adjustable back cushions adapt to any situation and break up the lines, reflecting the dynamism of the city. Comfort is key. Much as the Hamptons in New York […]

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Copper Kitchen Concepts

Copper has been in use in kitchens for a very long time. Perhaps not so much in Malta, however very popular in Britain and the US, it has now finally made its mark as one of the local designers’ more popular material of choice. From functional accents like sinks and mixers, handles, railings & appliances […]


Six essential tips to Great Lighting in your Home

Following our last blog post, this week we will be discussing several important elements that Homeowners should take into consideration when lighting their Home. You can’t touch it, smell it, taste it or even hear it. You can also see right through it. Yet the Lighting element is probably the one design component which bears […]


Trend Focus – Metropolitan Moods

With ‘Metropolitan moods’, BoConcept explores style and sophistication with international flair Do you remember your favourite hotel room in Shanghai? Or that house you rented in LA? Or that amazing apartment in Mexico City? The opulent colours, the sumptuous fabrics and the international flair? Bring home that luxury, that sophistication, that sense of city living at […]

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The truth about thread count, and the questions you should be asking

Bed linen is one of the most important things I think about when considering my bedroom décor. Some of it comes down to aesthetics: what will coordinate well with my wallpaper and cushions? Do I want to go for the comfy duvet look with just a fitted sheet or should I opt for the more […]

BoConcept New Catalogue 2017

A NEW UNIVERSE – BoConcept is proud to announce the launch of its 2017 catalogue.

At BoConcept, we’re committed to helping you make the most out of your space. That’s why we’ve put together 164 pages of inspirational rooms, innovative solutions to common challenges, key trends, handy decorating tips and essential information on how we can help you turn your home into the perfect expression of you. Key themes include ‘Metropolitan […]


What to consider when designing your home office

A metal desk and an extra chair stuffed into a spare corner may suffice if all you want is a nook to pay the bills once a month, but if you need a space to conference with people across the globe, run a business and burn the midnight oil, you need a functional, efficient office […]


Investing in a Kitchen: Functionality, Quality, and Design

Ideacasa’s new vision is built around a brand equity that positions itself as the hassle-free service outlet in home solutions. We strive to give clients an experience that they are proud to share. Today, we would like to tackle an important mistake many buyers tend to make. The kitchen has always been regarded as the […]


Take a seat!

Just like a floor lamp, an armchair can instantly uplift a space. However, it’s also one of those items that can make or break the space around it, linking up design details or sticking out like a sore thumb. Even if the existing furniture and room layout play a big role, the functionality and ergonomics […]

Elektra Kitchen lighting

7 Simple tips to Light up the Mood!

In continuation to our last article, on the process of how to choose your Kitchen Lighting, in this week’s article we will be exploring 7 Lighting Strategies to draw people into the Kitchen. First of all remember to think outside the kitchen! With today’s open plan layouts, it is essential to keep in mind that your […]

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How to get the magazine-ready look for your bed

I’ve always loved those stylish Interiors magazines that show immaculate homes. Everything in its place, no clutter, just images exuding style and glamour.  My favourite room to pine over has always been the bedroom. I used to look at the images in awe and wish I could achieve such a polished look in my room. […]

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A Bed that Suits You

Because life has become fast and anyone should enjoy the moment of being enveloped in a comfy bed for the night. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to feeling productive, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and full of energy all day long. The right mattress is of course also paramount to waking up refreshed, ready […]


Creating a children’s bedroom: who calls the shots?

A child is the most cherished person in a family home. S0 why not treat them to a bedroom that’s designed with the same care and attention given to the interior design of the rest of the house. In fact, designing a child’s bedroom can open up a completely fresh and exciting world of design options! […]


What do you need to know when choosing Kitchen Lighting?

The way we Light our Home environment, and specifically the kitchen, affects the functionality of the space and how we feel when we’re spending time there. Despite this, the lighting itself is often overlooked in a kitchen remodelling project. Oftentimes Lighting is the last detail after the cabinets, the appliances, the tiles, the granite counter […]


Eight tips to choosing the perfect coffee table

A coffee table is an essential piece of accent furniture in any entertaining space, but it is often over-looked as the last detail, since the sofa and wall system tend to take priority. But there’s more to the design of a coffee table, and considering it with the rest of the furniture plan goes a […]



When putting your house on the market, it is crucial to make sure it is sold at the highest value possible. While upgrading may seem illogical or, at the very least, bothersome, this makes sure your home does not lag in the market and it is always very rewarding. Maximising your time and effort is […]

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Integrated Solutions by Elektra

Elektra is a Leader within the Lighting and Electrical industry in Malta, owing its success to its ambitious aims to satisfy the customer’s wellbeing through stylish and idealised lighting solutions while keeping in mind energy saving technologies. With 39 years of experience, the dedicated and continuous development of the organisation ensures professionalism and awareness on […]


What is the secret to a good night’s sleep?

I’ve caught sight of a few posts on my social media timelines lately with the headline “Why women need more sleep than men”. While I don’t dispute that claim, I think one thing is even more true and that is that we all generally need more sleep than I believe the majority of us get. […]


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