5 Unmissable Landmarks in Budapest


In recent years, Budapest has been gaining a lot of attention; Thanks to its rich history and abundance of stunning landmarks, Hungary’s capital is considered by many to be the “Paris of the East”.

Whether you’re planning a short getaway to this fascinating spot, or want to stay for longer and soak up the city, these 5 landmarks should definitely be on your map:


1. Fisherman’s Bastion:


The view from the Bastion is considered by many of its visitors to be one of the best throughout the entire city, overlooking other landmarks in Budapest, such as Margaret Island, the Parliament, and the famous Chain Bridge. The structure dates back to the Middle Ages, and besides its location where a fish market used to be held, its name originates from its being defended by the guild of fishermen who lived nearby.

2. The Thermal Baths:

4904848033_6125c4cf4c_b Széchenyi_baths_by_night_2

One cannot go to Budapest and not visit any of its thermal baths, especially when considering how the city is built on a network of almost 125 thermal springs. For a small price, you can plunge into the hot healing waters of one of the many lavish thermal baths, most of which are also equipped with outdoor swimming pools, in which you can relax on your trip.

3. Heroes’ Square:


The site of many holiday celebrations and tourist photos, the Heroes’ Square was created towards the end of the 19th century in honour of the great leaders in Hungarian history, and only received its name in 1932, after the Millennium Monument was completed. Situated at the entrance of the City Park, and surrounded by other attractions such as the Palace of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, this landmark in Budapest is one that gives you way more than you expect.

4. St. Stephen’s Basilica:


Named after the first king to ever rule over Hungary, this landmark is one of the tallest structures in Budapest, along with the Parliament building, this symbolizing the balance between church and state in Hungary. Plus, its viewing platform hosts a vantage point that serves as a reward for those visitors who manage to hoist themselves up the flight of stairs. For the faint-hearted, there is also an elevator.

5. The former Grand Hotel Royal:

“Behind the Scenes Grand Budapest Hotel” at Corinthia Hotel Budapest

Renovated and rebranded under the Corintia Corinthia name, the Grand Hotel Royal was originally opened in 1896, and has since been one of the most visited buildings in Budapest, owing to much more than its facility as an extravagant accommodation for locals and tourists alike.

The city is home to various events throughout the year, so regardless of when you decide to visit, you can never go wrong with a break to Budapest. And if you’re looking for hitting two birds with one stone, you can stay at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest and make the most out of your comfort and the surrounding culture.


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