First impressions of Malta


Malta is well known for its party scene and beach culture in the summer months. But, is there more to the islands than this?

Yes of course, Malta a lot more going for it as I have been discovering in the last month. I am in Malta as part of my programme of studies and when i arrived I really didn’t know what to expect. Here is some of what I have experienced so far and a couple of things I am looking forward to.



Mdina, also known as Città Notabile or The Silent City, is a fortified city in the Northern Region of Malta. It served as the island’s capital from antiquity to the medieval period. Walking through the cobbled streets is like being in a storybook scene. No visit to Mdina can be complete without a piece of cake from the legendary Fontanella, where you can also take in the breath taking views across the island.



Marsaxlokk is a fantastic gem in the south of the island. I was enchanted to see how the sky is reflected in the sea, whatever the weather. It is truly spectacular and you can´t leave without trying the fresh fish from one of the many restaurants that line the water’s edge.  “from the sea to your dish”



I had already fallen in love with Malta but when I visited Gozo I started a passionate love affair. This is a small but perfect island. It has luxury hotels, scenic seaside villages and two of the most impressive churches I have seen, the Gozo Cathedral and the Basilica of St. George.

It also has stunning beaches like Ralma il-Hamra, and bays like Marsalforn. Its coastline is dotted with caves like the legendary Calypso’s Cave. But without a doubt the most awe-inspiring place to visit in Gozo is the Azure Window.




Another island with charm, Comino is well known by divers, snorkelers and swimmers. It boasts 1 hotel and a campsite, making it an  Ideal place to spend a quiet weekend with friends.



But not everything that is good about Malta can be seen.  The Islands’ mix of cultures is also something that makes it truly special. This is one of the peculiar things, that its culture is a mix of all the nationalities, Spanish, Italian, French, German… what is it about these islands that attracts us so much?


For me, it’s hard to end this article end without mentioning the party scene, one of the great attractions here. Paceville is the place of fun and of the endless nights of dancing and partying with friends. In recent years this party scene has been seen as exclusively for the younger generation, but a new breed of bars and clubs is starting to emerge on the edges of the party town, appealing to a more mature crowd who still wants some Saturday night fun In their lives.



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