There’s more to a cave than stone – Dinner and a show at the Jazz Cave

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The 40s through 70s boasted a variety of options for what is known as the dinner show. Around 5 decades later, the long-forgotten experience of sophisticated dining in an elegant restaurant while being serenaded by a charming vocalist on the front stage, is being brought back to life. Enter The Jazz Cave; The resulting combination of vintage grace, love of quality, value for money and the contemporary desire for entertainment.

Created in the image of some of the most vibrant dinner show places in Europe, the Jazz Cave’s promise is to deliver a unique quality experience to its diners, with real Mediterranean cuisine and old-school groovy jazz sounds that together create a lively and memorable sensory experience.


Every night, the restaurant delights both the palate and the ears of their guests, with a gourmet menu that won’t break the bank and two sets of live music featuring the Jazz Cave’s house band, as well as other talented local and international artists in their monthly lineups. Guests can enjoy the smooth live vocals accompanying well-known jazz sounds, and surprising, energetic, experimental jazz that fortifies the style of music’s explosions of creativity.

For this aim, the interior of the restaurant was especially designed with music in mind. Although the rock walls sitting behind metal mesh evoke a cozy, cavernous feeling, their purpose is more than aesthetic. In fact, this setup provides an optimal soundproof space for live music, ensuring that the sound’s quality doesn’t get lost. In addition, a lot of care has been put into making sure that the live sound is enjoyable without coming at the cost of pleasant conversations at the dinner table shared over an exquisite meal or an appetizing cocktail.

Ultimately, what the Jazz Cave achieves is an unparalleled dining experience of exciting jazz alongside flavourful food, that is sure to leave even the most unlikely visitor with their head bobbing and toes tapping to the beat.


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