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What are the elements that make up the traditional Maltese Townhouse

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As you walk through the Maltese towns and villages, whichever part of the islands you find yourself in, you will undoubtedly come across the authentic Maltese Townhouses that adorn the streets.

No matter what period they originally come from, the typical features of traditional Maltese Townhouse are instantly recognisable. You need to know that these types of properties are a great investment, and once you have invested, you will be well and truly hooked on these gems of Maltese architecture.
We have outlined some of the features that we believe make the traditional Maltese Townhouses truly special and one to consider when investing in property in Malta.

Probably one of the most noticeable features in these houses is the almost complete absence of foreign elements and this is perhaps a reflection of the economic and transport situation at the time the houses were built. Everything used in the construction of the house can be found locally, the stone for the walls, the flagstones for the tiling, and the slabs for the roofing. The closer to its original state it is, the truer this fact is. Modernisation over the last 50 years may  have altered some features in some examples.

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Townhouses in Malta are generally quite small. Most of them don’t have more than 2 bedrooms. Townhouses with extra rooms are therefore considered extra special and could possibly have had extensions added on over the years.

When looking for your own Maltese Townhouse, look for wooden apertures in great and original condition. They really add to the originality and some simple restoration can go a long way.
The houses are also known for their wooden balconies painted in colours like red, blue, green, white etc., to match the other apertures. Some areas have benefited from government grants for restoration of these balconies.

The traditional Townhouses normally come with a backyard. Although they’re often not very big, the larger houses usually have a yard big enough to fit a swimming pool.

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A very typical feature in the Maltese Townhouses is definitely the original floor tiles. If you are lucky enough to find a house with the original tiles in good condition, you are very lucky! In more modern renovations, they are pulled up to pass underfloor cabling. However, if you’re not lucky enough to find the original tiles, very good reproductions are available on the market today. These tiles are characterised by the very colourful,  highly stylised designs and different patterns or designs and are usually found in every room.

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Some other traditional features are the thick walls and high ceilings that you will find in these traditional houses, together with their beautiful staircases and stone arches. Some houses have walls up to 1 metre thick. Besides the Limestone main staircase in most of these houses, they often also have a secondary stone, spiral staircase that leads up to the roof known in Maltese as the “garigor”.

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Have we triggered your interest in a Traditional Maltese Townhouse? Whether you are after a modernised Townhouse or a restoration project, let one of Dhalia’s property consultants help you find your own perfect traditional home. Visit their partner profile here for all their branch offices and contact details.



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