To aim and inspire: Vivendo Hospitality launches new website


Vivendo Hospitality has launched a new website focused on showcasing their integrated furnishing solutions for companies and individuals in the hospitality industry.

Architects, designers, business owners, and other stakeholders can now browse through projects that have been managed by Vivendo Hospitality in the past, take a look at the range of furnishings showcased on the website, and find out more about the range of services Vivendo Hospitality offers that are targeted towards hospitality establishments.


The projects are carried out at high-end hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and fitness centers in Malta. Thus far, Vivendo Hospitality have worked with a number of clients, including Charles Grech, Hugo’s Boutique Hotel, Hilltop Gardens, and Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa.


The furnishings, aimed to inspire stakeholders with design opportunities, will be displayed in 8 categories – sleeping, dining, waiting, meeting, doors, flooring, fitness and textiles.


About the new website launch, hospitality specialist Marthese Aquilina has said, “We are very proud of our new site, and we hope our clients shall find it a useful tool that makes them more conscious of the vast array of furnishing ideas available through our international partners for businesses in any sector of the hospitality industry”.

As part of Vivendo Group’s brand portfolio, Vivendo Hospitality uses the group’s resources and experience to deliver a strategic and complete service to hoteliers and other stakeholders in the hospitality industry.

Take a look at Vivendo’s new website. …And if you want to learn more about Vivendo, check out their partner profile.



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