Time to market in less than 5 years with the sustainable energy Investment Round


Alongside PowerUp! which is designed for start-ups and is already on its way across the country, InnoEnergy announces yet another call for more developed organizations. Investment Round 2017 is open for innovative projects aiming at sustainable energy use and promising marketable products or services within a maximum of 5 years. InnoEnergy is willing to help the process with its European network of 160 partners, knowledge of the international market as well as its network of customers, accompanied by investments reaching up to EUR 5 million. The application deadline is 23 October, 2017.

InnoEnergy, as Europe’s leading company dedicated to the support of sustainable energy management, is seeking innovative projects from the following fields in view of its 2017 Investment Round investment programme: renewable energies, alternative energies, clean fossil energy, reliable nuclear energy, sustainable residential and industrial energy consumption, effective energy storage and distribution, smart homes, buildings and cities and energy security. A prerequisite to the application is that the idea should work reliably under simulated but realistic conditions and that the implementing organizations should form an international consortium with 3-7 members from at least 2 European countries.

In case an organization does not have partners, but has a good and savvy idea, he is advised to contact InnoEnergy as the “business partner search” service of the programme will help to find the possible allies. In addition to this, the company shall provide professional background materials, filling templates and online seminars aiding the compilation of the tender.

Through InnoEnergy, 20-80% of the submitted total detailed costs may be funded, according to the potential of the project. The investments so far have ranged from EUR 100,000 to 4-5 million. The Investment Round programme is available continuously, but the deadline for submissions for the 2017 investment programme is 23 October.

Since the launch of Investment Round in 2011, InnoEnergy has invested a total of EUR 170.5 million in the development of 90 products, 3 manufacturing plants, 77 patent applications and the connection of 323 organizations. The aim of the programme is to implement the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) focusing on sustainability and environment protection as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Short introductory video:

Detailed call for proposals:


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