Cookbook featuring Maltese Recipes Wins ‘the Oscar of Cookbooks’

20170425 JBF Media Awards

Internationally-renowned German blogger and food writer Meike Peters, whose blog ‘Eat in My Kitchen’ is followed by thousands of foodies and food lovers across the globe, made headlines even before her first cookbook, Eat In My Kitchen: to Cook, to Bake, to Eat and to Treat was published worldwide, including in Malta, by Prestel Publishing last year. Now, she has beaten the likes of world-famous celebrity chef Ina Garten to be crowned the winner of the James Beard Award for General Cooking.

20170425 JBF Media Awards

Although, deep down, I was sure I wasn’t going to win, the moment before the winner of my category was announced, I held my editor Holly La Dues hand so tightly it must have hurt, recounts Meike Peters, who has been blogging about food for the past four years. Then, when Andrew Zimmern [the Awards Ceremony’s host called out my name, I just froze. It felt unreal; I couldn’t believe it! We couldn’t believe that we had done it!

I ran on stage and hugged Andrew… Literally flying into his arms! The following few minutes, when I talked through my speech and got the chance to thank all the people who have helped me to bring this book to life, remain a precious memory. It was an amazing moment that I’ll never forget.

Established in 1990, the annual James Beard Awards which are organised by the James Beard Foundation honour excellence in cuisine, culinary writing and culinary education. It is considered the world’s most prestigious cookbook award.

The James Beard Award is like the Oscars of cookbooks. It means a lot and not just in the USA, Meike continues. Some of the authors who were awarded that night have worked for their success for decades, and they cried on stage just the same. It’s very emotional, but it’s also a huge recognition, both for my cookbook and for everybody who’s been involved in the process. The book gets more attention all over the world through this award, which we’re all very thankful for!

In the award-winning cookbook, Meike includes some of Malta’s most iconic recipes, including pudina and minestra, alongside famous US desserts and German favourites, bringing together her heritage as well as her partner Jamie’s, who is half-Maltese and half-American.


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