Discover the artist in you during weekly tutorials with Jeni Caruana

Xara - Jeni Caruana Visit Malta

Unique in its flexibility as a venue, Palazzo de Piro has been transformed into one of Malta’s premier hubs of culture and activity.The Palazzo features a program of various collections held by the Metropolitan Cathedral Museum and is also host to a wide variety of artistic events.

Summer sees the start of open air artistic events performed within the picturesque courtyard while art exhibitions, concerts and seminars are organised throughout the year.

Palazzo de Piro is the perfect place for one to express his artistic opinion given the vast history and culture that lies within the 17th Century Palazzo. With the help of the renowned artist Jeni Caruana, those with an artistic flair will be able learn how art can be used for self expression, meditation and relaxation through her series of art lessons. With her outstanding tutoring skills she is able to make her students conscious of their own aptitudes and talents even if they are not already aware they posses them.

Infinitely Xara - Palazzo DePiro

Jeni Caruana is a local artist with a burning passion towards art and explains how no words can describe what she feels whilst painting and therefore transfers this feeling to her students while tutoring them.

Join Jeni every Tuesday at 9:30 am at Palazzo de Piro starting from the 3rd of May. Students are required to bring their own supplies.  For Bookings and more information please contact the Infinitely Xara team here.


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