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At the Milan Expo

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It is always important to keep nourishing the eyes, the brain and the heart with new emotions, new tastes, and new views. As part of being designers it is imperative that we keep afresh with the latest events which are related and which keep our imagination and excitement for our passion burning. The Milan Expo 2015 was one of these events which was somewhat of a ‘must go’, from Vera Sant Fournier – Design Studio: and it was Maite, junior designer and part of the imaginative team who represented the design studio.

Maite came back, although tired, burning with a new fire: it’s events like these that do ignite our creative spark .  Maite shared her experience at the Expo with the rest of the team; this year’s expo had the tag line title “feeding the planet”, which was fitting seeing that this year each country had its own pavilion representing the country’s typical or traditional foods.  Some countries such as Malta, shared the pavilion with other countries, but great food from all parts the world was tasted in just a few days. “Where does the design part come in?” some may think. It’s simple, each pavilion was designed specifically for this great event. A few great names such as Daniel Libeskind, Polish born internationally acclaimed urban design architect, Foster + Partners, one of the most innovative and integrated design practises in the world and Jacques Herzog. Herzog, one of the two founders of Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron, said he believed the Milan Expo 2015 was a missed opportunity to radically reinvent the format of the World’s Fair.”These expos have become huge shows designed merely to attract millions of tourists,” he said in an interview with Berlin-based architecture magazine Uncube. “What a bore and a waste of money and resources!”, (sources from Having said that Maite described the event to have been, “powerful, inspirational and worth it”.

Pairing the architecture with the food and throw in a Cirque Du Soleil show and you have one great inspirational break away from the studio, ready to share the experience and bring the new inspiration to the table and ultimately for our projects.


Vera Sant Fournier, creative director at Vera Sant Fournier – Design Studio 


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