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We all want to make our special day… well… special. We want it to be memorable for ourselves as well as for our family and friends. We want the atmosphere to be the right one that suits us perfectly. But most of all we want the perfect day or night filled with romance and effortless elegance.


You have chosen your dream dress or your perfectly cut tailor-made suit, dream venue and of course your dream partner. It’s your special day and you imagine dancing the night away under twinkling shadows in a colourful and romantic dreamy wonderland. Wonderful handmade glass ornaments such as colourful hanging ball lights, intricately spectacular chandeliers and beautiful candle-lit lanterns diffuse a warm atmospheric glow across your entire venue.


Decoration is key when it comes to turning your chosen venue into your dream wedding location. Whether you’re going for a cosy indoor wedding or a summery outdoor extravaganza, or maybe a combination, the right decoration can really create a powerful impact.

Are you ready to leave all your guests in awe and create your dream romantic atmosphere? Mdina Glass now gives you the opportunity to do just that. Have their wonderful and warming Nero Lanterns inside to create a romantic and cosy look, hang their colourful Hanging Ball Lights anywhere you want to create a playful look or place their Ball Lights around in your beautiful outdoor venue to light up the night.


Mdina Glass makes it possible for you to have your dream wedding and dream decoration without spending a fortune. It wouldn’t be feasible to purchase these products for one evening, so that’s why they have made all these incredible products available to rent for your special day.


Their talented glassmakers make the most beautiful handcrafted creations and this could really make your special day even more special. Imagine walking into your own party through a path of incredible Ball Lights or romantic Lanterns… with all your friends and family waiting for you to come out as the newly wed couple!


Mdina Glass makes it even easier for you, since they will deliver, install and dismantle everything for you. Are you ready to make your commitment? Find out more about Mdina Glass and their wonderful products and services and book a consultation. View their partner profile here and let them help to create your dream wedding.


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