Infinitely Xara hosts Relais & Chateaux Les Rendez-Vous 2015

Relais & Chateaux Conference-12

The Fine art of Living in the Mediterranean

Last week between the 1st and the 7th of November Infinitely Xara was proud to host Relais & Chateaux’s 61stRendez-Vous” here in Malta.  As a member of this prestigious association, The Xara Palace – Relais & Chateaux put together the week-long programme of events designed to establish a foundation for networking, inspiring intensive master classes as well as enhancing “The family spirit”; a focal point of the Relais & Chateaux mentality.

Relais & Chateaux is an association that embodies a vision of unity. This enterprise bases its foundations upon making a better world through cuisine and hospitality.  Representative of 560 outstanding properties from the four corners of the world; with independent owners, Maitres du Maisons and Chefs which represent some 600+ Michelin Stars, Relais & Chateaux strives to be true artisans of this eloquent trade. What makes this Association so unique is their devotion to rich cultural history and hospitality around the world, and the wonderful varieties of cuisines within it; “All around the world, unique in the world.” From its position in the Mediterranean, Malta has established itself as an important destination within Europe. Through its rich history, dynamic culture and natural charm it truly embodies these values held by Relais & Chateaux.

Embracing diversity is a key identity to Relais & Chateaux. Placing prime importance on two timeless traditions, cuisine and hospitality, they have single handedly contributed to the happiness and fellowship and the art of luxury living; ‘L’Art de Vivre’ as is it is referred to by the French. They recognise this attitude to be critical to humanity.

On 2nd November a Board of Directors Meeting, representing the properties from around the world was held at Palazzo de Piro, Mdina. An elegant Dinner at the Verdala Palace was catered for by Infinitely Xara. The evening included a champagne recital by world renowned guitarist Simon Schembri; an acclaimed solo virtuoso.

The following day saw the official opening and registration of the Congress at the Westin Dragonara Resort.  This was followed by a wonderful dinner entitled Get together evening- Mediterranean Flavour. The menu was a representation of all the tastes from the Mediterranean. Chefs from Italy, Morocco, Greece, Turkey and Lebanon each showcasing their own cuisine.

On Wednesday 4th November the full day was taken up by the Annual General Meeting, once again held at the Westin Dragonara Resort. An evening reception at The Xara Lodge themed around‘Malta Flavours’, brought to life a typical village festa with local traditions, produce and cuisine. Together with 40 talented local performers, this highlighted typical Maltese family life and spirit.

Photo Credit:  Geoffrey Zarb Adami

Mr. Justin Zammit Tabona, Managing Director of Infinitely Xara, who is also a member of the international Board of Directors, said “It was an honour and a privilege for us as a team and as a country to host such a prestigious event. At Infinitely Xara we are fully immersed in the Relais & Chateaux values of the pursuit for l’Art de Vivre. It is an opportunity for others to experience what Malta has to offer.’

Local winery, Marsovin, was the official wine supplier for most events held during Les Rendez- Vous 2015. Being the largest producers of local premium wine, the Marsovin Winery was a natural partner for this event. Marsovin CEO, Jeremy Cassar said, ‘It was an honour having our wines served during this international event of such high caliber and to an audience who is accustomed to nothing but the finest’.  The selected wines also included Marsovin’s latest premium release, Blanc de Cheval, which was very well received by those who got the chance to taste it.

Photo Credit:  Geoffrey Zarb Adami

Following the closing of Les Rendez-Vous, Mr. Zammit Tabona expressed words of gratitude to the Malta Tourism Authority and the Minister of Tourism for their support throughout the event.  “We feel that all who have contributed towards this event have managed to win the hearts of the 462 participants.  We now know that they will all be true Ambassadors for promoting the captivating beauty and spirit of the Maltese Islands.”

Photo Credit:  Geoffrey Zarb Adami


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