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My social media feed goes through phases where one video after another portrays grand, very public marriage proposals put together by eager young men and women intent on sweeping their significant other off their feet with choreographed dance routines, creative video messages, and huge family affairs with parents, cousins, uncles and aunts bearing witness. The tag lines promise tears for those brave enough to watch “The Most Romantic Proposal Ever.”

I have to admit that, when my time comes, I quite favour the idea of an intimate proposal where just as much thought has gone into the organisation – with rather less of an ado and bags of sophistication.

So, to set the scene of one recent such proposal: it’s 5 pm in the Grand Harbour Marina, Birgu. The gate to Pontoon B has a sign attached with gold ribbon that says “Welcome Angie and Mike”. The length of the pontoon is strewn with yellow petals, and a crew of two stands waiting next to Mio Amore – a stunning Sunseeker Manhattan 64 luxury yacht. A chauffeur-driven BMW draws up to the pontoon, and out step Mike and Angie. She looks a little confused, but so would you if your boyfriend just asked you to “get dressed up, be ready at 4:30 and don’t ask any questions.” As they walk down the pontoon hand in hand, the Azure Ultra crew step forward to greet the couple and the captain holds out his hand to help Angie aboard.

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Photo Credit : Azure Ultra

Once settled on deck, Mike leads Angie up to the flybridge where there’s a bottle of champagne waiting, along with a tray of exquisite looking canapés and two cosy throws. Angie is in awe of her surroundings as she settles into the white leather seats of the sleek, luxury motor yacht. As the couple pop the champagne bottle open, Angie notices her favourite album playing through the sound system. The boat starts moving away from the pontoon and slowly makes its way into the magnificent Grand Harbour, surrounded by the golden limestone bastions of the three cities. The captain has timed it perfectly as the twilight sky slowly gives way to the breathtakingly beautiful pink and purple sunset hues.

Azure Ultra - Proposals - Sunset

Photo Credit : Azure Ultra

After a trip round the historic harbour, the captain brings the boat to anchor close to the imposing Villa Bighi, the former Royal Naval Hospital. At this point the stewardess pops her head through the hatch, announcing that dinner is served. The couple can’t believe the transformation when they climb down to the deck to find flowers and a tastefully laid out table set up for two. Mike holds out a chair for Angie and takes his place next to her. As a beautifully presented dinner is served, the crew make themselves scarce to give the couple their privacy. However, they are never too far away, always ready to see to their every need with utmost discretion.

Azure Ultra - Proposals - Champagne

Photo Credit: Azure Ultra

As dessert is served, the moment Mike has been building up to is finally here. The stewardess gives him a knowing smile as she retreats to the cabin. In one swift movement he is down on one knee, telling Angie what she means to him and asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. There are tears and laughter and an “Absolutely YES!” from Angie, and once the moment is right, our captain and stewardess re-emerge with another bottle of champagne to toast the couple.

Azure Ultra - Proposals - Engagement ring

On the way back to the harbour, Angie writes a note in the stewardess’s visitors’ book.  “Mike and I can’t thank you and the entire Azure Ultra team enough for creating the most important evening of our lives so far. You will both forever be part of our memories of the night I said Yes.”

If you want to turn this special occasion into a truly unforgettable experience, let the team at Azure Ultra set the perfect scene for you aboard one of their three stylish Sunseeker yachts. Their impeccable service, flexibility and creativity will all form part of a memorable time for you and your loved one.


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