Malta’s colourful summer nights

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The season has started when most weeks see the night skies lit up with the most beautiful and colourful pyrotechnic displays.

The Maltese “Festa” is as traditional as tradition comes for our little archipelago.  These village feasts are celebrations dedicated to the patron saints of every town and village across the Maltese Islands.  The majority of these 60 “Festas” happen over the summer months

The fanfare always consists of  fireworks, bands, processions and food stalls selling everything from the traditional nougat to the not so Maltese hot dog.  The locals and true aficionados brave the noon day heat to party through the streets of the village accompanied by the local band and  floods of paper confetti being thrown down from the balconies. Then, dressed in their Sunday best they come back out  for the evening procession and aerial fireworks display. The facade of the main church in the village is covered in hundreds of light bulbs which makes it look breath-taking.

This all culminates in the whole village taking Monday off for the “xalata”, a day by the beach, to recover from the over indulgence and exertion of the previous 3 days and nights.

Visit Malta & Gozo Day by Day to find out more about the “Festas” and other events on the islands.


  1. Danno says:

    Gotta love the Maltese feasts!

  2. Mikeymoo says:

    The Birzebbuga feast and the fireworks in Lija are my favourite

  3. David says:

    Nougat – Love it!


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