My day spent learning how to stay safe


Most women must have experienced some kind of fear walking home alone at night, or being approached by a stranger at least once However, if it was you, would you know exactly how you should react? Can you say confidently that you could cope in those situations? My answer was NO.

That’s why I recently attended a workshop aimed at teaching me just how to do that. The workshop, organized by local safety training organization, EQUIPP, was designed to make women aware of how they can defend themselves with confidence in unsafe situations.

What I could learn from this workshop

How to stay safe by avoiding possible dangers

The first thing that women must do, is to minimise the potential of danger. The advice is useful especially for those who are planning to travel alone or in female-only groups. In a foreign environment, people’s customs and behaviours are often different to what you might be accustomed to. You are probably not familiar with the geography and don’t know where is safe and which areas are dangerous. Even if in Malta and  out late at night alone, the tips will be helpful.

I thought I knew, to a certain extent, how I should act in potentially dangerous situations, but some of the advice covered were things I have never thought of. So even if you assume that you are quite educated on safety, there is still a lot to learn from the well-informed trainers, who are all former UK military personnel.

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The trainers are qualified, but kind, friendly, and helpful.


How to defend myself with techniques to escape

The techniques surprised me a lot. They were not like martial arts, but were some ways to escape when you were physically restrained. They worked effectively without using power. I do not recognize myself as a woman with physical strength, but still I hurt the trainer when I tried one of the techniques. It amazed me because I have never thought of me being able to beat such a man who obviously looked stronger and someone who I cannot normally defeat.

Learning these methods will enhance the confidence of you being able to defend yourself. And the confidence lessens the possibility of being in a dangerous situation.

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How not to worsen the situation with appropriate communication

This part of the lesson was what I did not expect. However, I realised that this can be the most important thing to learn.

If you communicate appropriately, you can escape or change the situation. The ways to communicate appropriately could be used not only for self-defense, but also to establish better human relationships. It is especially useful if you regularly interact with people who have different communication styles. For example, it will certainly be an interesting topic for those who work in hospitality and tourism field.

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Exchange and sharing of experiences

As for my impressions, these lessons are something that should be included in school curricula. It is what every woman needs to know to stay safe. It is a pity that the opportunity to learn this are still limited.

If you are interested in finding out about when the next course of this type is being run, check EQUIPP’s website for details or get in touch on Learn how you can defend yourself and stay safe with ease.


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