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Notte Bianca 2015 – 10 years bringing Valletta to life

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Notte Bianca, Malta’s most popular and well attended cultural event turns 10 this year and to celebrate, the team has an unforgettable special edition in store. From Drifting to Flamenco to Maltese Cuisine with a twist and gravity defying acrobats, as always Notte Bianca has something lined up for everyone. Without a doubt, this October 3rd there’s only one place to be, and that’s Valletta for the 10 year anniversary edition of Notte Bianca.

A press conference detailing this year’s Notte Bianca was held at the newly restored late 16th century Magdalene Chapel in Valletta which once formed part of a monastery well known for its incongruous female community and successful financial acumen. Culture Minister Owen Bonnici, Arts Council Malta chair Albert Marshall, Valletta 2018 Foundation chair Jason Micallef, Valletta mayor Alexiei Dingli and Notte Bianca artistic director Sean Buhagiar addressed the press and highlighted the importance of Notte Bianca as cornerstone of Malta’s cultural calendar.

To be held on Saturday 3rd October, Notte Bianca 2015 will present a balanced mix of old favourites as well as innovative new events.

Creating a legacy and building on the success of previous editions, during FUQ!, the Valletta Planċieri will once again be out in all their glory hosting a large variety of gudgeon and brass bands. The audiences roaming the streets of Valletta will get to enjoy concerts and great music live from these traditional high stages.

L-Ikla t-Tajba, a collaboration with Valletta 2018, returns to continue its culinary journey, with head chef David Darmanin. Divided into different teams, participants have put together their own specialty menus using traditional Maltese ingredients. Mouth watering dishes will once again be prepared and served during Notte Bianca. This year this event also boasts the participation of Nicole Pisani , the top London Chef of Maltese descent who made headlines by quitting the high profile kitchens of the West End to revolutionise school lunches.

Another event features the participation of one of tappintomalta’s own partners, Mdina Glass, who have designed  glass lanterns for the occasion that will be lit to adorn parts of Strait Street.

Besides commemorating the 10th anniversary since the first Notte Bianca was held, this year’s edition has two other main goals that the organisers have set out to achieve.  Firstly, this year’s events are to be spread out further into all areas of Valletta, taking in the ring road and the areas below St. George’s Square like Fort St. Elmo, the Mediterranean Conference Centre. and the Magdalene Chapel as mentioned above. Additionally, the streets are to be filled with a sense of “briju” or festivity to generate more life in between events. Both these elements together will ensure that the Valletta community is an integral part of the celebration. All this thanks to the varied programme of events.

As in previous editions, Notte Bianca will not only include its own commissions and projects. Atmosfera, the programme of ancillary events inspired by the city’s pulsating heart will also be contributing to make the night a success. Churches, museums and other spaces will be open to visitors until the early hours and will make this a night truly worthy of its name.

Notte Bianca is organised by Arts Council Malta under the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, with the support of  Valletta 2018 Foundation, Valletta Local Council, Floriana Local Council, TVM, Shadeena and MSV Life.

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