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Our guide to your Christmas party at home

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Are you thinking about throwing a Christmas party at home? There are a few things to think about when you’re hosting a Christmas party, whether it’s for friends or family. We’ve put together this quick guide with tips to help you host your perfect Christmas party at home.

So why opt for a party at home?

It’s simple – Complete control
Your own guest list, no time limits or date restrictions, you can decorate the place as you wish and of course you are the one who decides what food and drinks are served. This is your party.

When hosting a big Christmas party you might want to hire a caterer to provide you with the best menus. No long days in the kitchen preparing food.
A caterer normally has plenty of options to choose from. Or do you prefer to have your favourite dishes and you’re not planning on inviting tonnes of people? Then why not cook your own Christmas dinner and surprise your guests with your cooking skills. Serve some fine wine to go with your delicious dishes and you’re good to go. At any rate, it’s great to find out if any of your guests have any food allergies that need to be catered for. It will make you stand out as a really thoughtful host.

After dinner
After dinner it’s time to get the real party started. Pop the champagne, set up your bar with a selection of luxury spirits and fine wines and turn on the music. Make sure to have enough drinks to choose from including non-alcoholic drinks for those who prefer a ‘mocktail’ or for the kids of course, when having a family party.

Our partner Farsonsdirect is able to provide you with the best beverages for all tastes and has also come up with some cocktail recipes to really spice up your Christmas party.

Campari Glamorous
As interesting as its name sounds. This cocktail is full of different flavours that makes it both unusual and delicious:
Put 3cl of Campari, 3cl of Cointreau, 2cl of orange juice, 2cl of squeezed lime juice and a splash of tonic into a cocktail shaker. Top with ice and strain into a high glass.

Ginger Grouse
Probably the most popular whiskey based cocktail. The addition of Ginger Ale makes this cocktail very refreshing and slightly bitter.
Pour 4 cl of The  Famous Grouse into a tall glass. Add ice and top with Ginger Ale. Garnish with a wedge of lime and this cocktail will look amazing on your party menu.

Mai Tai
One of the stronger cocktails around, but also one of the cocktails with the most unique taste. A combination of fruit juices, rum and Amaretto makes this a powerful but absolutely delicious cocktail.
Put 2cl of Havana Club into a cocktail shaker, add 2cl of Havana Gold, 2cl of Amaretto, 2cl of Bols Triple Sec, 1 cl of Bols grenadine, 2 cl of Bols Orange and 2cl of pineapple juice. Add ice and shake well.

With these tips, your Christmas house party will go off with a bang.

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