Our three tips to navigating the festivities with class

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Celebrate the festivities with a touch of flair and do things differently from everyone else. As Jacques Derrida says – meaning is created through difference.





The Gifts

Show someone that you truly care for them by getting something that is different. Opt for something stylish or functional with Vitra at Dex, objects d’art at HENRI. or personalised, luxurious hampers at Dical House – you are certain to find inspiration! for your friend’s or relative’s home.

The New Year’s Eve Celebration

If you still haven’t decided what to do for New Year’s Eve, here’s our selection of the finest ways to celebrate 2017. Don’t leave it too late to book!

Get there in style

Make your night unforgettable and add a tinge of dazzle by getting to your destination with Dacoby , leaders in luxurious private transport. Find a chauffeur at your doorstep, a glass of champagne in a Mercedes-Benz car, and finish your evening at any time you want.

Intrigued? Click here to go to Dacoby’s partner profile for more information and contact details.

Most importantly, we wish you all to enjoy the upcoming festivities while remaining safe and sound. 


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