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Rewarding Loyalty with Mdina Glass

Mdina Glass - Gifts conception

Happy, engaged staff and customers are the real secret behind a successful company. Engaged staff will perform like company owners, putting in extra effort and going the extra mile every day.  Happy customers will more often than not become your true brand ambassadors.  Once a client is brand loyal they will undoubtedly keep coming back for more.

Marketeers and HR Professionals the world over all have strategies on how to achieve these aims. But in my experience nothing works quite as well as reward and recognition.

As an employee, being recognized for my performance or for my service to the company is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had. When this recognition is public, in full sight of my peers that experience is even more uplifting. It’s not an ego thing! The fact that my bosses wanted to make a song and dance about my achievements meant that they were really happy with me and valued me as part of the organisation. The obvious knock-on effect of this was that I worked even harder to shine brighter.

Mdina Glass - GO award


I used to work for a large multinational company based in Malta. When awarding staff for long service to the company, the awards were custom-made, local blown glass trophies that made their way half way across the world to all members of their team celebrating their professional milestones. The link back to Malta always filled team members who received them with a stronger sense of belonging to the group as a whole and affinity to the Maltese roots.

Mdina Glass - Award ladies running club

Likewise, loyalty and relationships are built through exchanging of gifts with clients, suppliers and other business partners. During the holiday season this is a very common practice. Gifts show gratitude for the personal relationship you have with a client and affirm relationships, enhancing the personal connection between giver and recipient.

Mdina Glass - LGA Malta gift      Mdina Glass - UIPM        Mdina Glass - Cafe du brazil gift

When you give a gift, having a bespoke piece or collection of gifts made, really confirms the importance of that bond through the effort put in.  Anyone can send a fruit basket or bottle of wine. However, a truly committed partner will take the time to design and customize their gifts.

If you are looking the perfect gift to reward and recognise staff, colleagues or customers and want to think beyond the usual branded merchandise or hampers, why not try the “unexpected”.

Mdina Glass trophies and corporate gifts are the perfect way to project your brand, event or special occasion… and to add value and prestige to an award or prize.

Their products are handmade which by their very nature are unique and shows that you care for, and value, the recipient.

Mdina Glass - Gift conception 3

Handmade doesn’t mean you have to break your budget. You can choose from a wide range of products to suit all budgets, from figurines, abstract trophies, clocks, coasters, paperweights and solid shapes engraved with your message, company name and logo.

And if you require something specific Mdina Glass can meet your brief too. Their skilled team of designers and craftsmen can sit down with you to create the perfect piece to fit your brand and the occasion.  Their wide range of glassware will ensure that your corporate identity is also reflected, strengthening your brand and your values.

Why not contact the team at Mdina Glass and make an appointment to discuss your requirements? View their Partner Profile here to get in touch.


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