MIAF - Stomp - Ensemble

I had been looking forward to seeing Stomp ever since I heard they were performing in Malta as part of the Malta International Arts Festival.  In fact I’ve wanted to see the act since I started to hear about them in London back in the 90s… and oh was it worth the wait.

Besides the obvious percussion genius that defines Stomp, the element that had me riveted from the very first act was the current of humour running through the entire show. A mix of slapstick, tongue-in-cheek and sarcasm all rolled into one had me grinning from ear to ear from beginning to end. Team this with some good old fashioned audience participation and you are well on the way to a winning formula.

To say that the 8 individuals on stage had bags of talent is an understatement. They also had match boxes, shopping trolleys and bins full of the stuff.  How they manage to create the most perfect beats and rhythms using everything and anything is awe inspiring.  Yes everything, including the kitchen sink! And boy can they fill a stage: sweeping from side to side, thumping back and forth and hanging from the rafters playing a huge percussion wall of “instruments”.

The evening left absolutely nothing to be desired and I am now hooked. The venue was perfect too. I simply love “Pjazza Teatru Rjal” and the atmosphere, sitting under the stars in Malta’s magical Capital City: And the cherry on the cake was walking out of Valletta past the new parliament building through the Pixels Wave installation; a giant carpet of moving lights and colour.  The whole evening made me feel like a wide-eyed child again.


A massive Thanks goes to the organisers of the Malta International Arts Festival for this and all this year’s events. The 2016 festival is already marked in my diary.


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