Take to the high seas for some effective TEAM BUILDING

Hera - Boats side by side

Teambuilding develops a team’s efficiency and effectiveness in achieving a common goal. This can be done through improving the interaction and understanding of team roles. It also allows teams to address any conflict, encourages creativity and improves decision making skills. Teambuilding also allows employers to asses to the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees.

But why restrict yourself to the usual fun and games in a conference room, park or poolside?  We have a couple of ideas for you to take your team day out to the high seas around Malta and Gozo.  Our partner, Hera Cruises can help you turn the idea into a reality. Here are a couple of ideas we had for fun sea bound activities.

Experience a battle at sea

This re-enactment of a seafarers battle from centuries ago is a really fun activity for larger groups. Split across two boats, teams get to compete against each other. The teams are equipped with “weapons” of water balloons, water cannons, etc. that they use to fire at each other. They fire at targets and the winning team is the one that destroys its opponents’ targets first.  A great way to iron out any friendly team rivalry is a playful way. And once the battle is done, why not make the losers walk the plank, or at least take a dip in the beautiful blue waters around the islands.

Re-making a classic

Al classic team building survival exercise can be made so much more exciting with a better sense of realism. Really immerse your staff in the imaginary scenario they are working to survive while taking on the comfort and hospitality on board Hera Cruises.

Scenario 1: Choose Survival Equipment

This is a classic group communication and decision making exercise. Your boat is sinking…your group needs to choose the 12 most useful items to survive. They choose both individually and then as a group to reach consensus.

Scenario 2: People Survival Scenario (Who will be saved?)

The boat is damaged and sinking. Of the passengers on the boat only a few have survived and the lifeboat can take less than that number. Based on information about the survivors contained in their bios, the team must decide who gets a place on the lifeboat.

And once the fun and games are over your teams can lay back and relax on board or have a swim, while the Hera team look after them, providing refreshments based on a selection of lunch and snack packages.

Hera -  Team building

Hera Cruises offers many other options with a variety of boat excursions, trips and cruises. Both Hera yachts are also available for exclusive charters and are mainly used for combining business with pleasure, including special events, cocktail parties, staff parties, incentives, engagements, weddings, presentations or product launches.

If you are looking for a great venue for some team-building, the perfect office party, or are simply interested in entertaining clients, there is no better place to do that than on the Hera fleet of Turkish Gullets. They can help you plan the perfect team building event, customized to meet your needs.  View their partner profile here to get in touch and find out more information.


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