Taking A Fun and Hands-On Approach to Business Training

Luke Todd 1

Experienced coaches Luke Todd and Kelly McSherry recently launched their unique approach to effective corporate training in Malta.

Business owners and companies are often put off the idea of organising in-house training because it can turn out to be a one-size fits all corporate session which results in boredom and lost productivity.

However, experienced international business coaches Kelly McSherry and Luke Todd are bucking that trend thanks to their hands-on approach to sessions and through their recently-launched company United Business Training. Both have a long and broad history of senior operational management roles in sectors ranging from financial services to online classifieds and beyond, as well as years of training experience.

“We firmly believe that business training does not need to be boring and that there is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun while learning. After all, it has been scientifically proven that if people are engaged and involved while learning a task, they better retain the information,” the duo says.

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In fact, if you are a fan of Powerpoint, look away now because neither of them are advocates of it and it barley makes an appearance in their training. Instead they both focus on engagement by getting those who are sitting for the training to enjoy the learning experience. In their respective careers they have both commissioned training for business soft skills and all too often found that training companies used an off-the-shelf course that just didn’t meet their needs.

What they have developed is a core product that provides a solid foundation that enables them to work closely with their clients. In doing so, they produce a fully bespoke training solution that specifically meets the needs of their clients. In other words, they will listen to what your goals are and set out to tailor-make a session for you, your business and your staff.

“Our training approach is to make sure each session is full of exercises that are focused on achieving key learning outcomes and which are specifically relevant to our clients needs,” they explain.

One of the key benefits of the United Business Training approach is the fact that both Mr Todd and Mr McSherry have such extensive operational backgrounds. As a result they are able to answer any questions through their first-hand experience. “You won’t find anything we deliver in any of our training sessions in a textbook,” they stress. “And we don’t plan on changing that any time soon!”

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