F5 Magazine Launched at The Jazz Cave Restaurant

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Last Thursday, on the 18th of May, The Jazz Cave Restaurant hosted the official launch of F5, a magazine published by Communications students from the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences at the University of Malta.

The magazine’s name is a nod to the refresh button (F5) on the keyboard, and it focuses on the revival of the past, exploring the different ways trends, ideas, and items from bygone eras can be reinterpreted, renewed, and given a place in the present. The magazine was first launched in the University Quadrangle, and then officially at The Jazz Cave.

As part of the Magazine Digital Publishing unit, taught by Malcolm Bonello, the students handled the design, content, marketing, and raised the money for the magazine through fundraising events.


“For the launch, we wanted to stay true to the magazine’s theme. The Jazz Cave Restaurant brings back to life the sophistication and stylishness of the dinner shows that were so popular during the 60s and 70s. For us, it was the perfect spot. Fortunately, Daniel – the manager – is as passionate about the subject as we are – he  accepted our proposal and agreed to sponsor us with the venue.” The class donated unused funds generated from the fundraisers they organised to the Austism Parents Association.

Check out the digital version of the F5 Magazine here.

Want to find out more about the Jazz Cave? Visit their partner profile or Facebook page for more information.


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