Walk on Water: Your Stylish Honeymoon in Malta aboard a Luxury Yacht

Azure Ultra - Toasting the newlyweds

In a marriage, no other holiday holds the same significance as one’s honeymoon. After the excitement of the wedding has died down, and all the relatives and old friends are safely on their way back to their various home countries, it is the couple’s first opportunity to really be alone, just the two of them in their marital bliss. All the planning and hospitality can really take it out of a couple, and after what is usually months of planning and having to consider other people’s opinions, quality time alone to really start their lives together is a must.

When you say the word honeymoon, the image that is conjured up in most people’s minds is of white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue water, beach side living, cool, colourful cocktails and fresh exotic foods served at a resort or aboard a fancy cruise liner. The drawback I see to this clichéd type of romantic holiday envisioned by many? It offers the exact same honeymoon experience to every couple dreaming of that idyllic beach hut somewhere out of reach.

So why not re-create all those same magical elements with your own individual spin? You can definitely have the clear blue sea and stunning beaches – even the changing scenery you would experience on a cruise. But imagine having all this on your own private yacht. Wake up and stroll out on deck to a freshly laid out breakfast and warm coffee, with nothing else to contemplate except how to spend the rest of the day. One thing is guaranteed: this is definitely the backdrop to the most romantic honeymoon, allowing you to experience real, quality time together on your first days as a newlywed couple. And you get to enjoy all this while having the opportunity to fully explore the hidden beauty of Malta and Gozo from a different perspective, and possibly even further afield.

Azure Ultra - Bride on board

You are the master of your own itinerary, with some forward planning with your captain of course. So whether you want to be dropped off at that authentic little seafood restaurant you’ve heard about in the fishing village, or whether you opt for a candle-lit evening on board to sip champagne and just be together with your loved one, your honeymoon is in your hands.

Azure Ultra - Romantic Evening

With Azure Ultra’s luxury yacht charters this is all entirely possible. For an overnight stay, a few days or an entire week of total privacy in a real intimate setting, Azure Ultra can create a bespoke honeymoon package to suit all your requirements. You can choose from one of Azure Ultra’s stunning fleet of Sunseeker yachts, fully equipped to cater for your every need. The superlative five-star service offered by your personal captain and stewardess, whose attention to detail is unsurpassed, will ensure a seamless on-board stay throughout, rendering your honeymoon experience one to cherish for years to come.

And if you fancy a few days on land, Azure Ultra can even organise a stay at the Golden Sands Resort & Spa. At this five-star beachside resort with panoramic views over the north western side of Malta’s countryside and coastline, you will be able to continue your magical honeymoon experience.

To contact Azure Ultra and discuss options for the honeymoon of your lifetime, view their partner profile here.


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