Christmas gift guide for her


The run up to Christmas is the season when people are likely to start getting most excited, with Christmas parties, celebration meals, and gift giving on the cards. In fact, receiving gifts, especially from a loved one, is always a special moment. Selecting gifts is also an enjoyable activity for some people, but for others, it can be especially challenging.

For those boys and men who feel lost about what to get for your girlfriends, wives, mothers or sisters, here are some ideas of fashion accessories that are sure to make that lady in your life happy this holiday.

Leather mini bag

Many girls change bags depending on their look on the day, so they really can never have enough of them. Choose a bag with a long strap for the more active girl. It makes it easier for her to move around without having to constantly focus on adjusting the way she holds her bag. Small is the look to go for at the moment, but make sure that it is big enough to fit her wallet and all her other “essentials”: Girls usually use their bags like tool boxes to for their favourite lip stick, hand cream or moisturizer, tissues, etc. So make sure you get the size right.

Christmas Gift Ideas


A watch

A watch is something that is usually worn daily. It is special because it’s likely to make her think of you each time she sees it. In some countries, giving a watch as a gift has a romantic meaning, and the gift can be interpreted as saying to someone, “I want to spend time with you”. As for the design of the watch, go for a fabric or leather band if she dresses casually more often. If she is more likely to be dressed formally, choosing one a metal band is a smarter look. Or, if she already has a favorite watch, go for the opposite, so then, the watch you give will be the one she picks up to wear for a special occasion.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Charm bracelet

A charm bracelet isn’t just for Christmas. It is the gift that keeps on giving as she adds to it. If you are not sure about her taste in jewelry, it might be better to choose something basic, so that she can add things she likes to it in time. For some, new charms become something of a gift tradition, and they customize the bracelet according to how many milestones and events they experience. Although the way the bracelet looks will eventually change from the original one you buy her over time, it is something she will continue to wear for a long time, especially if every charm she adds to it is a symbol for yet another good memory she has made in her life.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Cashmere scarf

The feeling of being wrapped in a cashmere scarf during a chilly winter is precious. Cashmere is light in weight, but soft and warm. For a winter scarf, a wider one is recommended. Generally, girls are likely to feel colder than men, and a wider scarf is easier to wrap themselves up in. It’s also great to wrap round her shoulders or lay over her lap when it is cold inside. It is good to keep in mind, however, the coat that she frequently uses in winter, and coordinate colours to it…or pick something neutral. And if you are not sure with what she prefers in terms of pattern, either a solid colour or plaid are the safer options.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Fur trimmed gloves

Gloves in different materials create different looks. When they are made from wool, they give a soft, casual impression. On the other hand, leather gloves create a cool or elegant image. In both cases, the fur adds a feminine and a luxurious touch. It looks nice when it shows from the sleeves of a coat and gives an accent of sophistication to the outfit. But remember to keep the same colour considerations in mind as when choosing a scarf.

Christmas Gift Ideas

The most important thing to add to your gift: The Christmas card

Nowadays, there is very little opportunity to receive a hand-written card. The only things people normally find in their post are letters from a bank or bills. Because of that, the experience of receiving a card that is both handwritten, and also comes from someone dear, becomes something precious. To make it even more special, your message should come from the heart. It can be gratitude or giving your love, or you can even tell her why you chose the gift for her. Those words and stories are the best things to receive at Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas

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