Embrace your femininity with Gaetano’s Nymph Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta

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All women love a dress that shows off their sophisticated, sexy and emancipated side. The Nymph collection by Gaetano fits this brief perfectly. He presented his designs in his first solo show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta.


Gaetano - Banner image JCiappara Photography                                                             Photo Credit:  JCiappara Photography

Gaetano has been sketching dress designs since a very young age and growing up he tried to create fashion pieces from scrap material at a textiles shop where he worked. At first he would design mannequins with a pieces of fabrics just held with pins and then later he got into sewing craft to make his creations more permanent.

Gaetano - Steven Muliett 4                                                                    Gaetano – Photo credit: Steven Muliett

The inspiration of the Nymph Collection comes from the seductive, empowered and emancipated woman. Effectively, in this collection the female is a strong element of inspiration. Dress designs enhance the bodies of women who are the most powerful creatures in the world for Gateano. The collection also reflects freedom and equality of women which are strong themes for the designer. He believes that it reflects art in fashion.

Gaetano - Bernard Polidano                                                       Gaetano – Photo credit: Bernard Polidano

During this show the models were like goddesses, a divine spirit, an icon.  Although the term nymph refers to a nature goddess, living in rivers, mountains, or trees, the collection is primarily in black and gold but still represents the mermaid like creature who loves her freedom. It expresses a desire to show the beauty of women without restrictions. Even though some of the designs are sheer, they remain seductive and sophisticated. The transparent dresses put the female body on show while maintaining an elegant demeanour, thanks to the delicate sparkly fabrics and meticulous finishing. A couple of pieces showed lovely cut out detail in black leather. The overall effect was very feminine. Even though mostly black, the individual pieces were playful and ethereal.

Gaetano - Steven Muliett 2                                                                    Gaetano – Photo credit: Steven Muliett

The finale piece, this gold dress is the true essence of a nymph. It emphasizes the woman who loves her inner rebel, who is in control and embraces her sensuality.


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Featured Image: Photo Credit Goro Fotography

Banner Image: Photo Credit Viktor Vella



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