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Fashion, art and history come together for a magical night at Palazzo de Piro

Infinitely Xara - Palazzo de Piro - Pink Fashion Show 8

The beautiful, historic Palazzo de Piro was the canvas for the winter edition of the Pink Fashion Show. But this was far more than another catwalk show. A Times of Malta event, organised in collaboration with Infinitely Xara, the concept had fashion, art, dance and music seamlessly intertwined into a series of tableaux.


Pink magazine’s twice annual shows have now become a highly anticipated event for Malta’s fashionistas. The organisers prescribe to a philosophy of never hosting their event at a venue that has already been used for a fashion show before, thus always putting on truly unique and innovative spectacles for their audiences.

“The anticipation could be felt by the 400 spectators as they climbed the Palazzo’s imposing staircase to what would turn out to be a fashion show far removed from the norm”, said Infinitely Xara’s Irene’ Zarb Adami, who was also involved in the organisation.

This show emulated a reception, where central to the party scene were the interactive tableaux. Each room at Palazzo de Piro was carefully furnished by Loft Interiors and the inspiration for the décor was taken from the different sumptuous colours that each of the palatial rooms is painted in.  As models flowed in and out of every room, the scenes came to life as they took their place at the centre of the installation. And while the models sat, the scenes came alive as a ballerina weaved in and out of the scene.

In fact, ballet lent a lot to the inspiration of the show and the looks, where all the hairstyles were based on the classic ballerina’s bun.  The collections that the models wore were from Bata, Calvin Klein Jeans, Carla Grima Atelier, Liu Jo, Joseph Ribkoff, Saz Mifsud, Furla, Stradivarius, Guess, and River Island. The show was sponsored by Chemimart, Diet Kinnie, Guerlain, Loft, Olympea, Renault, Screen, The Dance Studio, and VIP with 88 Rue du Rhone.

Local designer and artist Saz Mifsud also sketched the photo shoot that appeared in the November issue of the magazine and encapsulated the theme of the show. This brought another element of art into the feast of the senses, where music too played its part with Kris Spiteri on the piano and melodica.

Following this totally unique show, we asked Fiona Galea Debono, editor of Pink magazine what the next unique venue would be? How hard would it be to top this experience? She said the team at Times of Malta was already working on the concept and venue of the upcoming spring show in May, but details were still under wraps.

“This was our fifth show, and after each one, we are always told it will be a hard act to follow. But somehow, we have always managed and we are confident we will do so again. Palazzo de Piro was a unique event that had the show’s trademark surprise element. Wherever we go, no matter how stunning the location, we intervene heavily, and our next venue will undoubtedly undergo our touch too.”

Palazzo de Piro is a truly versatile venue that can lend itself to so many occasions. From art exhibitions to private dinners, music recitals to refined weddings, corporate events, and now… Fashion shows too. View Infinitely Xara’s Partner Profile for more information, and contact the sales team for a viewing.



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