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I turn 40 next month and it recently dawned on me that I’ve been using the same skincare products for 20 years.  To be fair, they have stood me in good stead since I often receive complements about the condition of my skin.  However, I definitely do not have the same skin I had as a 20-year old, or even as a 30-year old for that matter.  I’ve been feeling that something is missing and that maybe it’s just time for a change.  I’ve briefly experimented with some samples I was given but nothing really cut the mustard. Nothing, that is, until the people at Franks asked me to road test a new product.

They asked me about my skin type. I have combination skin which tends to become really taut after cleansing and flakes over the T-Zone. As an eczema sufferer in childhood, my skin is still extremely sensitive, especially after washing, and I am in a constant battle against the blotchy redness. It seems I was perfect to test the Milky Cleansing Oil from Payot.

Franks - Payot product

Application is simple. A couple of pumps into the palm of my hand, massage into my face, emulsify with the tiniest bit of warm water and rinse off. The first time I tried it I really couldn’t believe the result.  My skin was really thoroughly clean.  Having white towels at home it’s always a bit frustrating when I wash off my make-up, only to dry my face and find foundation marks on the towel.  But this didn’t happen with my Payot cleansing oil. Clean as a whistle. The only thing I would say, is that my eyeliner and mascara need a little extra help, but that’s easy enough. By applying a couple of drops of the oil to a slightly damp cotton wool pad and holding it over my eye for a few seconds, this helps dissolve the stubborn remnants.

And the feeling afterwards is great too. No greasy residue. Hard to believe for an oil, but true. And incredibly for me, no uncomfortable taut skin: Just fresh, clean and comfortable. Strictly speaking a make-up removal cleansing product, I have been using this milky oil with avocado extract, as part of my daily skincare regime. It is light enough for a simple cleanse when I’ve not been wearing any make-up, yet effective enough when I have.

Another thing I love about this cleansing oil is the almost non-perfumed scent of what seems to be an almondy smell. Comfortingly distinctive yet not in any way overpowering. The packaging too works for me. No fuss or clutter, just a streamlined transparent bottle with a simple pump mechanism. This reassures me about the wholesomeness of the product somehow.

Franks - Demak up oil

Although new to the shelves at Franks, Payot has been around since 1920 thanks to the vision and medical know-how of Nadia Payot.  It is in fact widely sought after in spas, perfumeries and beauty institutes in nearly 70 countries around the world. Kudos also goes to the scientists at Payot for not carrying out any tests of its products on animals.

I am definitely sold. I will be heading to a Franks beauty counter this month to supplement my new cleansing routine with the right toning and moisturising products for my skin.  If you too want to experience a fresh feeling of wellness for your face, I highly recommend trying Payot.

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