Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Celebrates 10 Years

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It all began with a rare flower, the orchid, a prodigy of longevity. More than 12 years of research in the Orchidarium. 3 orchids selected from amongst 30,000. Since its creation in 2006, Orchidée Impériale has evolved to reflect the discoveries of the Orchidarium to offer continuously renewed global age-defying effectiveness.

Orchidée Impériale exceptional complete care has evolved since its creation to always offer global age-defying action with cutting-edge performance. Guerlain dedicated a research centre, The Orchidarium, unique in the world to this empress of flowers, where scientists and experts study the plant with passionate attention. The Orchidarium is divided in 3 research divisions: Cultivation in its original environment in a nature reserve (TianZi, China); Collection of 3,000 orchids at the Orchid Library (Geneva); Biological research at the Basic Research Laboratory (Strasbourg).

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The molecular extract in perpetual evolution. A blend of orchids selected to act on the key mechanisms of cellular longevity. Advanced age-defying technology. The latest revelation in Orchidée Impériale – The Golden Orchid. Exceptional vital strength. Recognised for its revitalising properties for 1,500 years, it gives the Molecular Extract the unique power to regenerate its cellular vitality. This is the 3rd generation and 3rd revolution for Orchidée Impériale. With each generation, the innovation aims to be a permanent quest for effectiveness to enhance beauty.

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X-Treme Co. Ltd hosted an event to celebrate to 10 year anniversary of this legendary skin care range at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard. During the event guests were treated to a special evening of pampering by Guerlain beauty consultants.

X-Treme Co. Ltd is the exclusive importer and distributer of Orchidée  Imperiale and all Guerlain products. For any queries kindly call 23882300 or email

Thanks to the team from X-Treme for inviting tappintomalta to this event

Ines Gonzalvez, Annabel Camilleri & Louise Galea

Ines Gonzalvez, Annabel Camilleri & Louise Galea


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