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Ask me about iconic bag design of the 20th century and 6 favourites effortlessly spring to mind. Not only would these gorgeous examples look great on anyone’s arm, but some of them have become true investment pieces whose value is in more than just the aesthetics.



Hermes – Kelly Bag

Classy, elegant, timeless….all words that are synonymous with the Kelly bag, named after Hollywood actress turned princess Grace Kelly.  The reason why the Hermès handbag received so much attention?  She was constantly photographed while attempting to hide her baby bump with it…making it the most photographed handbag of its time.

Hermes – Birkin

As iconic as its predecessor, the Birkin was conceived by  Hermes Artistic Director Pierre Dumas after hearing English actress Jane Birkin complain about how nice bags are never quite big enough. Sturdy and practical, the Birkin has such legendary status that there is a waiting list to buy a brand new one from Hermes. While the classic calfskin Birkins start from around the £6,000 mark, at auction recently, one went for $203,150.

Chanel – Quilted bag

Launched after World War II, the Chanel bag can be acclaimed for its versatility—it has achieved perfect accessory status.  Whether in jeans or evening dress, dressed down or dressed up to the nines, the wearer will forever be assured that they are the owners of a timeless classic.

Prada – Rucksack

I remember the Prada rucksack emerging in 1985. In fact when I look at it today it still reminds me of wayfarer sunglasses, acid wash jeans, big hair and my very early adolescence.  I yearned for one these cool designs with the shiny Prada logo.

Gucci – Bamboo

In 1947, the iconic Gucci bamboo handles were conceived as a direct result of some materials being rationed after World War II.  Bamboo cane could still be imported from Japan, and Gucci craftsman developed a patented method to heat and bend the bamboo in such a way that it would retain its shape once cooled and affixed to a handbag.

Fendi – Baguette

The first bag to win the title “It bag” was most definitely the Fendi Baguette.  Launched in 1997, and brought alive by everyone’s favourite New York fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, the Fendi Baguette was a triumph of design imagination and longevity, with endless finishes and designs being released every season.


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