Top Talent at New Designers Show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta

Fashion Week - Featured IMage - Phot Credit Bernard Polidano

There’s nothing better that I can think of than a beautiful spring morning spent taking in the sun and scenery in Malta’s capital city, Valletta.

That’s just what I did this morning! Flanked on one side by Valletta’s imposing City Gate and on the other by its main thoroughfare, Republic Street, the stage was set for the opening show of the 6th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta, this year also supported by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

The New Designers show is an annual fixture and kicks off the week of events as a showcase for everything that is fresh and exciting in the Maltese Fashion scene. The show featured 7 young local and international designers. From beginning to end this was a real treat for me, with creative talent at the forefront.

Lukka Pizzuto

Lukka’s collection, Night Mist, is a nod to classic tailoring in hues of black and blue damasks and corduroy.  There is definitely a vintage twist to the collection that takes me back to the late 80s at times with the use of blazers and shift dresses, but likewise shows a hint of the Hollywood golden age through the use of waistcoats and a striking men’s smoking jacket suit. 

Lukka Pizzuto - Photo Credit Ian Attard

Lukka Pizzuto – Photo Credit Ian Attard

Maria Cutajar

Summer Breeze is Maria’s collection that has been inspired by the cool winds and ripples that come in over our shores. The sumptuous purples, fresh greens and pretty patterns utilised in this collection all blend to create formal yet feminine pieces. My absolute favourite has to be a pair of high waisted Palazzo Pants that are very reminiscent of the French Riviera. Tres chic!

Maria Cutajar - Photo Credit Ian Attard

Maria Cutajar – Photo Credit Ian Attard

Mari Ahoy

I find Finnish designer Mari’s collection to be rather moody and brooding while alluringly feminine.  The innovative shapes and cut outs with tie details seem to transform the models into warrioresque figures that took full command of the catwalk.

Mari Ahoy - Cut out dress - Photo Credit Luke Testaferrata Moroni Viani'

Mari Ahoy – Photo Credit Luke Testaferrata Moroni Viani’

Giulia Pandolfino

Under the brand name ISLND Swimwear, Giulia has created her Active Allure collection as a clever marriage of luxury sportswear meets lingerie. The rich colour palette is accentuated by golds and metallics in the clasps and other details.   Each of the pieces in finished off with beautiful shoulder straps or  unconventionally placed strips that add that luxury touch to this collection of bikinis and swimsuits.

Giulia Pandolfino - Pink Bikini - Photo Credit Ian Attard

Giulia Pandolfino – Photo Credit Ian Attard

Nathan Micallef

The first thought that comes to mind when I see Nathan’s collection is, being wrapped in a cosy blanket. I’d describe this quirky collection of interesting shapes and cuts as comfort tailoring. There is an element of real innovation brought to the way fabrics of similar yet differing textures have been combined to create a very unique look.

Nathan Micallef - Dress - Photo Credit Carmelo Establier

Nathan Micallef – Photo Credit Carmelo Establier

Malcolm Cremona

This glittering  monochrome collection entitled Walk the Talk is a nod to female empowerment. The words emblazoned across each of the garments such as Imagine, Create and Inspire are the embodiments of this concept.  The sleek whites marry quite dramatically with the jet black lace elements, making some of the pieces in this collection daring yet elegant. The lace-backed final ensemble is reminiscent of something out of Royal Ascot, but with somewhat of a kick.

Malcolm Cremona - Lace Back Dress - Photo Credit Ian Attard

Malcolm Cremona – Photo Credit Ian Attard


Malcolm Cremona - Lace back dress - Photo Credit Carmelo Establier

Malcolm Cremona – Photo Credit Carmelo Establier

Gabrielle Fenech

Contrary to the upbeat feel of most of the show, Gabrielle’s choice to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster created somewhat of a sombre mood. Entitled Pripyat, the collection has a tragic yet defiant feel to it. The hard, stark opening portraying a model in a gas mask is countered by the soft feminine flow of Gabrielle’s beautiful choice of fabrics, some sporting her own hand-crafted prints. My lasting impression of this collection is Gabrielle’s apparent understanding of the female form and her ability to pair daring statements with feminine wearability.

Gabrielle Fenech - Gas mask - Photo Credit Luke Moroni VIani'

Gabrielle Fenech – Photo Credit Luke Testaferrata Moroni VIani’


Gabrielle Fenech - Pretty Prints - Photo Credit Ian Attard

Gabrielle Fenech – Photo Credit Ian Attard

All designers put on a great show of creative and artistic talent. This has been a fitting start to this week of fashion that will culminate in the Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards a week from today.

For more information about shows and designers have a look at the website

Featured Image: Designer Nathan Micallef – Photo Credit Bernard Polidano


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