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4 of the best airport lounges around the world


Long layovers can be a pain for those who travel often. Whether it’s a couple of hours’ transit or a longer one that doesn;t warrant booking into the airport hotel, airport lounges exist to compensate for the stress that comes with air travel.

Here are a few of those that promise to make you forget your worries:


1. AA Admirals Club – Los Angeles International Airport

AA admirals club

With ample space, peace and quiet, this area hits the pause button on a busy day. Visitors can make use of the showers, feast on a delicious hot meal, and take in the views of planes taking off, all while being accommodated by attentive, helpful, and friendly staff.

2. Qantas First Class Lounge – Sydney International Airport


Here, relaxation is made a priority; Offering facials, full-length massages, marble-lined shower rooms, restaurants, and comfortable designer chairs among others, this spot is bound to become a traveler’s paradise.

3. GVK Lounge – Mumbai Airport


With golden hues and lighting permeating the interior, from buffets, wide selections of beverages, to a library, private rooms, and spa treatments, this lounge seems to have it all. Plus, despite it being divided into first, premium, and business sections, it’s also open to the public through a pay-per-use scheme, destined to make anyone feel like royalty.

4. No. 1 Traveller Lounge – Heathrow Airport

British Airways Concorde First Class Lounge Heathrow Terminal 5

Similarly accessible, available through online bookings, the lounge at Heathrow Airport boasts everything from complementary drinks, high-quality meals, free wifi, showers and a spa, as well as other entertainment options such as tv, a cinema and a games room.

So next time you’re travelling through any of these airports, why not treat yourself?


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