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A look at the annual Business Leaders Malta Conference


With each company’s milestone, new challenges come knocking on the door. The unpredictability of a fluctuating economy, the possibility of a sudden plunge in revenue, the departure of a key member of the team – yes, entrepreneurship is a risky endeavour, but these people are proof that it is worth it.

This year’s theme for the annual Malta Business Leaders conference was resilience.

Business Leaders Malta’s conference – The Resilient Leader – saw Malta’s most influential entrepreneurs, leaders in their respective industries, discuss the notion of successful leadership, with focus on navigating a company through rough periods.

Successfully getting a country’s busiest individuals, each responsible for the running of large companies, into one place at the same time was not easy; it required passion, dedication, and support from those truly dedicated to the cause of learning, open discussion, and the nurturing of ideas. One such company was Dex, who sponsored the event with a generous offer and supplied seating by Vitra for the discussion panel.

The conference’s aim? Inspiring participants to broaden their horizons, network, and discuss ideas and their possibilities.

Today, following the Conference’s Opening by Steve Tarr and Morgan Parnis, Chairperson and CEO of BLM respectively, the speaker line-up included talks by Dr. Andrew J. Shatte, Steve Mercieca, Chris Moon, and Gianni, who wrapped things up before the discussion continued over lunch.

A panel discussion followed Chris Moon’s speech right after a Q&A session with him. The conference included a break before lunch catered to further mental stimulation – participants and speakers got the chance to network, swap ideas, and chat over coffee.

Have you ever worked somewhere and thought, hmm, I would have done that differently? Whether you’re in the process of laying out your plans, building a start-up, or already established within your field, this conference provides an opportunity to ask questions to like-minded people who can draw from their own experiences to help you.

So if you missed out on this year’s edition, make sure you keep an eye on the next one!

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